Happy Anniversary LK and MO!!

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2 years ago today LK and MO tied the knot. Here's to two dozen more years!!!! Can't wait for the vow renewal. You need to have a Legwarmers reunion party!



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It seems like yesterday we were all drunk and singing 80s at the wedding.

to 2,400 more years then

so when LK turns 2,429, then it's OK for MO to leave her?!  jeez, LC, you just keep digging yourself deeper, dontcha.  happy anniversary, LMO.

only 2 dozen more...?

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I hope he soesn't leave me when I'm 53 for a younger woman- if he does it will be because of LC's hex.  poo.  I am investigating getting the legwarmers for mo's 40th blowout bash- stay tuned...


What about LO's 30th blowout bash?

Oh no!

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Please forgive me I meant 200 dozen more! I know of the perfect locale for MO's 40th shindig!