Women's Moguls And Short Track

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I am unsure about the coveritlive.com thing, so this next event I am just going to do within the main MB.com platform. Might go back to the coveritlive, but we shall see. So onto Women's Moguls Finals. I watched the prelims already. There will be 20 people in the finals. The top ten is a mix of US and Canada and one Japanese. So this is the event where they go straight down a mogul track and then have two jump opportunities where everyone in the prelims were doing a mix of backflips, 360s and some front flips which I really cannot work out how you even do that. They are pretty awesome.

I think for the final some of the top women are going to do some pretty sweet tricks. I don't want to discount their mogul work as well. It is my dream to be able to do moguls that fast and well. I feel like I can do that for about 2 seconds and then I get stuck and freak out. 

So it seems that the short track finals has pushed into this taping so I am going to comment on that part. A final for short track skating, it is Apollo Ohno who is in the final with some other people who should totally lose. He is the defending 1500 meter champion. The rest of the group are 2 Koreans also JR Celski who is another American. 17 year old from China and one Canadian. So should be a good match. Love the announcer "This should be a good cracker" 

So this is 12 laps long and they all do the whipping around each other at the corners, keeps changing the leader, keeps changing the speed, all drafting off each other, Apollo is in the front with 5 laps to go ack! they are starting to go faster!!! 2 laps! oh no! 2 of the Korean's fall! Korea wins and Apollo gets silver! JR Celski gets bronze! Jung-su Lee of Korea with the win. Oh the winner is so cute and happy it is very nice. 

Now back to the moguls. You know - If Vancouver does not start to stay on track with these events, it is going to really mess up my watching. The DVR is not that smart. 

So in the prelims, one girl fell and lost the skis and it was really nice that the crowd started to cheer her on as she had to hop up the mountain to find her ski, put it back on and then start going back down the mountain. 

It is funny at the bottom, the people in the top 3 are sitting in these lovely big chairs at the bottom with their skis. when someone gets higher they move over and someone has to leave. 

I think if you are going to win this, you have to do a flip at the first jump and really the second as well, full twisting back somersults. awesome. From Chloe Dufore-Lapointe. Nice. So they have music playing when everyone is going down. I wonder if they get to pick or does the venue pick the music. I would want to be able to pick. What if you hated the song that was playing and it totally messed you up? I guess at this level you should be able to not let that bother you.

Michelle Roark - Does this really good 720 spin and then fell but was able to bounce back up quickly but that takes her out of contension.  She is in 13th with a few more left.

Shannon Bahrke - 360 first jump, looks great on the bumps, backflip - really clean run. In first place now but 5 more people to go.

Aiko uemura - reigning world champion from Japan - 360, backflip iron cross - looks like a good run, I don't  think she is going to break #1, now #2

Kristi Richards - Canadian from Whistler - backflip iron cross, goes down! skis off! Gets them back on and does a pretty sweet ariel on the second jump too bad she fell. 

Heather Mcphie - US - 360 first jump, going down the bumps well, back flip, and doesn't stick the landing and goes down and doh! Wow way more people falling now, which makes this all more interesting.

Jennifer Heil - Canada - She won this event in the last olympics, 360 first jump, looking good in the bumps, backflip iron cross and it all looked really good and fast.  And she is now in 1st place with one person to go.

Hannah Kearney - US - backflip, good turns, 360 and down fast didn't do as difficult jumps as the last girl, but her bumps were fast and good and she wins!!!!

Final results:

Hannah Kearney - US - Gold
Jennifer Heil - Canada - Silver
Shannon Bahrke - US - Bronze