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As you all know, really the only sports I like are the Olympics and the World Cup. This year, I get both! So the Olympics has started and I am very excited to start my blogging about everything I watch. I have set the DVR to tape almost everything. I am only taping some of the curling and have decided not to do cross country I remember the last olympics and while it is a feat to do it, It is a tad boring to watch.

I will post daily with what I have watched, I am sure I am going to be behind what actually happened, sorry. 

Positive - In the UK the BBC has almost the entire olympics on from the beginning with no commercials, almost no sob stories and including preliminary rounds and actually shows everyone competeing. Let me tell you - it is just another experience then watching it in the US. You get to see so many people competing. I love it.  So let's get started. It is sunday and now that I have done brunch, the rest of my day is dedicated to Olympic watching becuase it is cold and gross outside. So a few posts today. 

Starting off - Sadness of the first day with the tragic death of Georgian luge slider Nodar Kumaritashvili during a practice run. He was 21 and it was a terrible accident. 

Opening Ceremonies

Really nice beginning opening ceremonies, I actually mostly don't care for the opening ceremonies, but this was a good little show. I am just so excited for Olympics, that I got a little teary as all the teams came into the stadium because it must be such an amazing experience to be a part of the Olympics. 

I was walking around London yesterday and they had the opening ceremonies live in Trafalger Square, I only saw them taking it down, but it would have been fun to see it with many people. 

Let the 21st Olympic winter games begin!