Bringing it back

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So I got all busy with working and sometimes when that happens, I just don't have the time to be blogging as well. But back in the game again. Starting with Lost. So what did everyone think?


loved it too

but agree the whole juliet scene was a little uncomfortable. but how did she know it "worked"?  But, there was lots diff in the parrellel world... shannon gone, hurley only lucky, desomond on the plane (but did he disappear?), charlie swallowing the drugs to kill himself instead of hiding them in the toilet (that's why he had to find the plane way back in season 1, right?).... i am loving that world, but i am not very happy with the idea of them existing simultaneously.  for whatever reason, i'm ok with smoke monsters and gods and chess games w/ humans and magical island stuff, but i can't suspend my disbelief that they are living simultaneously in parellel universes or timelines.  They always jumped through time via magnetic energy stuff that I don't understand, but never overlapped or existed in more than one place.

 welcome back, i missed you.

multiple universes

the irony is that between smoke monsters, magical healing powers and earthly teleportation, multiple universes are probably the most likely and definitely the most firmly rooted in science/reality.


You're back

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Glad to have you back MB.  I'm not watching LOST, but am available to talk about any of the following.

How awesome the superbowl party is going to be this weekend.

The sad departure of Tai Shan back to his homeland.  I know his complete schedule for his trip.

Modern Family - My favorite show and also excitement over Parenthood.  I can't wait for it.

Angus saying his ABCs.  I may be biased, but I think he's a genius. -

This crazy snowstorm we have approaching this weekend.  Looking forward to taking tomorrow off! 

How awesome the superbowl party is going to be on Sunday.  Hope to see you all there.  Mere will miss you!


hello old friend

i feel like i've been cheating on MB with FB hardcore and am now sheepishly climbing back into bed, pretending to be asleep so it doesn't have to have that uncomfortable conversation about where i've been, knowing that i'll just lie and say msnbc.

as for lost, i loved it - though some of the dialogue was a bit creaky (especially that scene where juliet says, kiss me, and sawyer says, you got it blondie; and then when they're holding said underwater, and they react lamely like people who've never been to the island)

great to see jon hawkes (a k a saul starr) on the show now and the bad-ass samurai from the last samurai.

so many great things to talk about, i need a discussion guide.

I haven't finished the second episode yet

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But so far:

- The man in the black shirt is the smoke monster and you need powder to keep him at bay. Interesting. But also a little 

- Why wasn't shannon on the plane when they go back. In the alternative reality I guess he doesn't convince her to come. 

- Love Saul Starr on there

- Charlie is alive again and Jack makes him go to jail!

- It almost seems like most people are more miserable not going to the island I hope they keep this alternative view going forward

Slate has a tree of influence that is helpful: