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why is no one posting? Why was hollywood only 1 episode? why is no one talking about lost? I maybe know 4 peeps in the top 24, usually i think i know all of them. Travis is running the pool this year so get ready!



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I think this is the first year that I really don't have a favorite already. I mean I like that guy with the funny hair because he's funny and has sideshow bob hair. I think all the back stories were about people who didn't actually make it to the top 24 so those were all worthless. They are apperently keeping the camera's off Paula when she is crazy because people were talking too much.

Side note - Steven Colbert now has his own ben and jerry flavor!

you heard it here first: melinda doolittle will win

that's a fact you cannot ignaww, bwent.

the clash's bassist + the verve's guitarist + fela kuti's drummer + blur's frontman + dangermouse producing = the good, the bad and the queen.  just heard about them on NPR and listening on rhapsody.  pretty sweet stuff.