Superbad - Go See It Now!


i can't believe no one has posted on this movie yet. i saw it at a screening last tuesday, and it was wide released this last weekend. its one of the funniest movies i've seen i a long time... potentially funnier then 40 yr old virgin.

 i'm sure everyone knows its produced by apatow and written by seth rogan and even goldberg. it is non stop laughs from beginning to end... much funnier then knocked up.

from the promo's i thought the mclovin stuff would be lame but that kid is hilarious.

i would have thought most of would have seen it just because george michael from arrested development is in it.

what gives?


loved it

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i think it is the funniest movie I've ever seen. Makes Borat look like a snoozer. Everyone should take the afternoon off and rush to see it immediatley.

i think i'm safe in assuming

that senor bannanagrabber is one of the 8%

after seeing the movie

i now get that joke. agree with all comments. funniest movie of the year. Michael Cera's physical comedy is top shelf. i may need to go see it again

Saw it Sunday

We saw it at Potomac Yards and passed LC & CA in the car on the way there. Very awesome, agree that it is funnier than Knocked Up and I would say funnier than 40 YOV b/c it is funny all the way through, where 40 stops being funny with like 45 minutes to go. This movie also isn't too long like the other two are. Great lines, great scenes, great raunch, great cast. George Michael is the best, I'm glad to see his career moving right along.

Would love to see it this week?

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Any takers for tonight or thursday night?