baby oberschneider

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Baby Oberschneider is coming at 11:30 10/20.  Wish us luck!!!


Very best wishes!!

Congratulations and I can't wait to meet your little one!

Oct 22

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You sure you don't want to wait until Thursday?  Someone even more important was born then!

Congratulations - And Good Luck!

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Famous October 20th Birthdays


  • 1972 Snoop Dogg (rapper, hip hopper)
  • 1967 Dann Gillen (songwriter)
  • 1958 Eric Scott (actor)
  • 1953 Tom Petty (singer)
  • 1952 Melanie Mayron (actress)
  • 1951 Al Greenwood (musician)
  • 1942 Earl Hindman (actor)
  • 1937 Wanda Jackson (singer, songwriter)
  • 1935 Jerry Orbach (actor)
  • 1934 Michael Dunn (Gary Miller) (actor)
  • 1932 William Christopher (actor)
  • 1931 Mickey Mantle (baseballer)
  • 1928 Dr Joyce Brothers (Bauer) (psychologist)
  • 1925 Art Buchwald (author/journalist)
  • 1922 Herschel Bernardi (actor)
  • 1914 Fayard Nicholas (tap dancer)
  • 1913 Grandpa (Louis Marshall) Jones (country singer)
  • 1908 Arlene Francis (Kazanjian) (actress)
  • 1905 Ellery Queen (Frederic Dannay) (author)
  • 1888 Bela Lugosi (Blasko) (actor)
  • 1874 Charles Ives (musician, composer)
  • 1854 (Jean Nicolas) Arthur Rimbaud (poet)
  • 1632 Sir Christopher Wren (architect, astronomer, mathematician)


  • Have a great last day at work!

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    I am sure you are excited about that.

    Um - I love that Christopher Wren was born on the 20th so I am pretty sure that means we have another Tribe alumn. 

    Love you lots and cannot wait to meet this baby in a week! I am so sad I can't be there on the 20th!