The OC Finally

I thought it was a really nice last episode. I'm glad it's over, Thursday nights are getting to be crazy, but it was a good way to go out. I even got a little teary at the end when they showed Summer and Seth's wedding and Ryan helping that kid. I loved the flashbacks of Ryan and his wifebeater. Kind of made me want to watch the first season again.


loved it

i finally watched it tonight - i totally totally loved it. i thought it was perfect, and i'm so glad they tied up all the story lines and we saw what happened. and i cried like 3 times.

where is everyone?

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This is bug news?  whereis mrs. buttersworth?  where are akll the other comments???

me too!

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I loved it!  I loved seeing teh baby cohen all grown up and julie's baby!  I loved all of it and even cried during the locket scene.  It was great- though annoying that they got the berkley house and how did julie fly all those people there.... what kind of a jet does bullet have that fits like 50 peeps?  I love loved loved it!!

are you suggesting...

that some elements of The O.C. seemed... unrealistic? I also got very weepy. How I'll miss our friends from Newport Beach! Even though the last several episodes were dreadful. Taylor is a hilarious supporting character, but she really grates on you as a lead character. Run for the hills, Ryan -- that girl is crazy.