Melrose Place

Let's talk about the new Melrose. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would and I like the mystery storyline. I thought Ashely Simpson-Wentz was terrible and I think she's the killer and she won't be a permanent character. I looooved Michael Mancini and I'm so glad he's back and that one of the main characters is his son. Who would his mom be? I can't remember who Michael ended up with on the show.


90210 & MP

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So I had decided against watching the new versions of both of these shows, while this one does sound more intriguing, I am not convinced yet.

I am on the other hand watching Greek and Michael Mancini is in that as well. So I think I am getting my MP fix from that. He was my favourite character on MP. 

you should start

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I had no idea MM was in it and nearly pooped my pants I was so excited!!  I am not watching 90210 eithe... just can't do it.  I need to start watching greek- sara has been telling me that for years.  I am all caught up on how i met your mother so I am finally ready to watch that when it starts- such a goood show!  MP is going to be very, very good.  I think you should watch.  Maybe Kelly Ruherford is the mom?  The timeline for that to be his son certainly doesn't fit, but whatever.