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I have to admit it has been a VERY long time since I have logged on to mb, but when I see that the last post was 8/6 I am ashamed of all of us!!!  Let's not forget mb and focus on facebook!  We need this to keep chatting!!!  Quick- someone post something clever or discuss a new tv show....


Flipping Out

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is the only show I'm watching now a days.  I've never watched this little tv in my life.  Am in need of some help.

 I love Jeff and Zoila!

For god's sake why?

Is it the new house? The infant? I'm afraid of losing you permanently. Come back to us.

true blood & other

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I love Eric too. He's so deceptive and so hot. I definitely need to watch Generation Kill, for him and the David Simon connection.

Here are other updates on the Churchill's:

MGC and I are going to Chicago for a wedding, the weekend after Labor Day. Anyone have resto recommendations? Anyone taken the Second City "walking tour?" Can I get away with wearing the striped dress I wore to Jezabelle's wedding? Or it is too summery? Or, should I stick to the black dress I've worn to everything else? It is a hipster wedding, after all. 

We're also going to Prague in November. So, if anyone has "must see" suggestions for that city as well, we'll take 'em. 

PS--Bob McDonnell stinks. VA peeps, if you can, donate to Creigh Deeds: http://www.deedsforvirginia.com/.





Chicago Suggestion

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You have to do the architecture tour. It is really fun and is a great couple of hours where you get to see the city from a different angle.


PS--flipping out (spoiler)

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I just watched the first ep of Flipping Out last night and just about peed my pants during that bit about using last names with "common" first names. I.e. Chris is a common first name. John is a common first name. "Please get Kathy Shepard on the phone. You noticed how I used her last name? That's because Kathy is a common name." OMG, it was hilarious.

Also funny was that intern talking about how he was late to work b/c he had to win a game of checkers before getting out of bed. Jeff's reaction was priceless. It was like he's met his match. This may be the most amusing show on TV right now.

I have still not watched

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either Top Chef or Project Runway yet. They are getting away from me! I do need a restaurant recommendation for Saturday night. Any ideas??


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I love all these posts!  Want to go to Volt?  It's in frederick maryland and the head she is the cheftestant that julie met.  That could be supre fun and is only a short trip from lizberg! we can go to the pool beforehand.

I Know

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I am sorry, work is taking my will to post externally away which is just terrible.

Has everyone been watching True Blood? I love this season better because it has way more hot Eric the Vamp. If you love Eric, I suggest watching Generation Kill which was on HBO last year and is amazing and he is the main character.

This week I will post vacay pics and stories. Cannot put it off anymore.


True Blod - I too am obsessed with Eric. I heart him and hope that he and Sookie end up together one day a la Veronica and Logan. Bill stinks.

Volt: We are going for my birthday and taking the following day off. My obsession with Eric is nothing compared to my obsession for Bryan V.

Chicago: Tumbulabumpa! Or whatever it's called.

TV: Is there a list somewhere of what days all of our favorite shows premiere? And when new shows are starting?



We need that

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I just saw that Melrose Place starts next week?  We need to get organized!

Found it

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