in a word, unbelievable

seriously, i might have changed my vote for '08

 and to contrast, here's another music video

one's more ruben studdard, the other is more jock jams


hill & bill's sopranos spoof

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a little bit lame, but a little bit cute too.

i wanted to hate it but it was cute

what an awful fucking song.  celine dion?  i'll vote against her just for that.  why not pick "don't stop believin'" - that would be so much better.


i would have hated it if i wasn't gleeful watching a video highlighted every problem she has w/ her campaign. the obama girl video was much better.


Loved it loved it

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had actual tears in my eyes until that crappy song! What a bad choice. Should have picked Eddie Money all the way.


i really loved it... but seriously, celine?!?!? who the hell was voting?? that's just a sign that we need to get out the vote


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Love that first one. Did you do the second one?


i'm not that big of a dork.

 i challenge anyone to listen to that first one more then once, and not have the song stuck in their head for a day. i can't shake it.