terrible news

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The new Fletch news is that the new Fletch will be... (drumroll)

Josh Jackson (Pacey from Dawson's Creek). WTF?  Terrible casting and I am very sad that there isn't someone better who can play Fletch. 



good for pacey!

I'm Just Surprised

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that they didn't give Nick Cannon the role and turn the whole thing into a younger, more "urban" version of Fletch (with Faison Love playing George Wendt's role and several OUTRAGEOUS!! cameos by David Allen Grier and at least two of the Wayans Brothers).
I agree that at least it isn't Zach Braff.  Not that I would ever see this piece of crap anyway.  Rent the original - it holds up.

as much as i love to hate him

ryan reynolds has built his career on ripping off chevy chase and would be perfect for the role.  i thought zach braff was originally slated to fill the role.  thank god the casting director came to his/her senses.  love what the A/V club called braff's The Last Kiss - 8,000 Pensive Stares.

that's right

this was talked about long ago -- ryan reynolds would be perfect. ah well. i probably won't see it any time soon anyway.