Why aren't we talking about the Sopranos?

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i don't think anyone can predict what is going to happen in the last episode. No.Fucking.Idea. Whose house are they hiding out in? Why would they even stay in NJ? God, Paulie is such a fuck-up.


interesting theory...

The cut to black is exactly what Bobby and Tony were talking about in the first episode of this half-season when they were discussing what it's like when your number is up. Except that Tony isn't the one who gets whacked - the audience is. Tony's story continues, but we no longer get to see any of it.

 I just like that there are so many relatively plausible theories out there to this ending (most of which I never would have thought of on my own).  I think I like this one best....


i like the ending more and more

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here is what peeps around here are saying:  

Watch it again. Right before he looks up at the door, the guy in the background over his left shoulder reaches for the pepper shaker with one hand and you can see a gun in his other hand. If you blink, you'll miss it. The bell ringing is a distraction to catch Tony's attention. You can see the guy's shadow moving towards him in the background. He gets hit! Quick and sudden - fade to black...just like he told Bobby. I missed it and had to watch it about six times 'til I saw it!

I'm with Quef, in that all of the buildup made me not want Tony to die. I wanted to think he survived and the NJ mob lived on, but don't think that is what was intended. 

HOLY SHIT! Get the pause button ready!!!

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But seriously, if you look in the background at the very end, by the football poster in the back (the one that says Bloomfield, New Jersey) you can distinctly see Madeline Albright with a crossbow. No shit! I had to watch the end like a thousand times to see it, but there she is, former Secretary of State, getting ready to whack Tony. And you can see her army of robot ninjas (from the future) just outside the window. And I ate a handful of shrooms about an hour ago, so you know that shit is DEAD ON. Oh, and I think Stan Lee was in there too, somewhere.

No way!

as soon as i get home, i am watching that scene again and again....

i'm with quef,

i thought it was just chase ending the show as he wrote it - life doesn't always have closure. and like the idea of the fade to black being the audience being shut out of tony's life. i'll have to watch again for this mythical gun...

 aside from paulie and the cat, my favorite part was the fbi guy sleeping w/ the agent to get tony information and then saying we're going to win this thing when phil got killed.

fantastic finale to one of the best series ever on television.

he wasn't sleeping with her to get tony info

he was just sleeping with her because she was a hot agent.  he wouldn't go that far out of his way to help tony.  nor was he trying to help tony.  i think he was just trying to get one more mob boss killed.  for all we know, he helped get tony killed too.  and anyone who thinks tony didn't die is in denial.


i saw far more into the fbi agent's actions. i think he was sleeping with her b/c she is hot, she is giving information, and, most importantly, he wanted his own gomba (or however it is spelled).  it was classic sympathizer. he couldn't help himself, he wanted to be part of the family, he couldn't help but give tony info. that's why he kept hanging out at satriale's, the affair, passing on the information in exchange for info.  and then, his not being able to hold in "we're going to win this thing!".  i felt like he was like the viewer, no matter how much you know tony is evil and a horrible person, you like him. you root for him. you want to be on his team....


as in co-marital.  and just as cappicola becomes gabagool, comare becomes goomar.

scene for ex-NYers who laugh extra hard at NY jokes

butchie walking through little italy on the phone with phil.  looks up after the call and is in the middle of chinatown.  their world is shrinking.  the mafia ain't what it used to be.

happy ending?

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a happy ending was the last thing we would have expected?


to me, it was like any other episode. almost like they didn't plan for an "ending," just decided to end the show. why was the last shot of meadow? paulie getting spooked by the cat was my fav part. but phil's death scene was pretty awesome too.

they say you don't even hear it coming

couldn't have been more wrong about the ending.

No shit

Can someone explain it to me?


tony's dead; he was shot.  when tony and bobby are on the boat up at the lake, bobby says "they say you don't even hear it coming."  tony says something like "yeah, just ask your friend on the wall" - a reference to a deer bobby shot and mounted on the wall.  i think the guy at the bar that kept looking over at tony was a hitman.  he goes into the bathroom.  and because the show is basically us seeing the world through tony's eyes, we're seeing the hit through tony's eyes - i.e., not seeing it (or hearing it) at all.  the last thing he sees is meadow and before he even knows it...  just like phil.  one minute he was saying goodbye to his grandkids and wife; next minute - poof - the end.


i don't think he dies then. i think the scene is showing the constant fear he lives in..he always has to watch who is coming at him. Eventually, Tony will die or go to jail but those outcomes have not yet happened. It's funny, before the last 2 episodes, I wanted to show to end with Tony killed or in the can. However, once that threat became real, I really wanted him to make it alive. So, I am choosing to interpret that he carries on as head of NJ mob, just with even more baggage, fear, grief, weight on his shoulders.

then why end the episode so abruptly?

how does that symbolize fear?  if anything, tony didn't seem to fear enough - sitting outside satriales in the open, dining in a restaurant with his back to people.


Chase is a ________ (fill-in-the-blank). He wasn't going to compromise his show based on fans screaming for definitive end.

cut off

the show, our view of the sopranos, everything was cut off.  i think chase did it this way so that you DO NOT KNOW. maybe he died. but maybe his life went forward, with the constant suspicion that we lived with in that last scene. it really doesn't make sense that he was killed, b/c there isn't anyone out there who would really put a hit on him. phil is gone, peace was made with ny (for now at least). maybe they were FBI agents? who knows. but i tend to think he didn't get killed. I think chase gave us a little taste of any possible ending, right from when he first walked in and the scene change in the dinner, for a second, made it look like tony was staring at that finnerity guy he lived as while in the coma, sitting at that table alone. then you think "hitman???" "FBI agent???"  before that, it was "is pauly going to crack and shoot him???".  we got a taste of everything, especially the fear with no real explicable reason. and now we're left with no idea what happened, except our own.

Who killed Tony?

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I really like the theory that Tony was killed in the end, but who, plausibly, would have done it? Phil's dead, the NY mob had backed off, FBI agents are highly improbable ...

heard a rumor - have not confirmed anything

"nicky leotardo" is the hitman.  watch the credits again.

Nonsense ...

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I say. With no evidence other than: a Google search turns up one entry containing the phrase "Nicky Leotardo" and Soprano. there would be hundreds of hits? Right?


watch again tonight

he's supposed to be in the credits

No Nikki

i read that theory and someone watched the credits, and went to hbo.com, and that guy is listed as "man in members only jacket".  apparently, the head critic for the NY times movie/tv was on the radio this morning and he said he had spoken to HBO regarding that plotline/nikki and it wasn't him...the guy was supposedly some random who owned a pizza store in one of the towns.

i also heard theories that the truck driver at the table was the brother of the guy christopher killed when stealing dvds from a truck, and the two black guys were guys that tried to kill tony and got his ear that one time... and the boyscouts were the same from in the store where bobby was killed..... theories theories, chase sure accomplished something with this finale! 

there's an article on drudge

with an interview w/ chase. he's refusing to talk about the last scene, but there's some pretty good insight. and in the last paragraph, the author of the article debunk's this notion that people in the restaurant were from earlier episodes.

it's like arguing about the existence of G-d

pointless but fun.  and in the spirit of arguing about religion, i think you're living in fantasy land if you think Tony is still alive.

btw, did anyone see john from cincinnati?  it was like starman meets north shore.

If it's good enough for DARPA ...

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It's good enough for me. From washingtonpost.com:

"Online gambling sites Bodog.com and Betus.com are taking bets on whether the head of HBO's New Jersey crime family makes it out alive from Sunday night's series finale. So far, the smart money is on Tony living.

The gambling sites are also taking action on the fates of the drama's other characters: Silvio Dante (in a coma), Paulie "Walnuts" Gualtieri (fuhgeddaboudit!) and rival Mafia boss Phil Leotardo ( so has it coming). Bodog's lines changed throughout yesterday, moving strongly toward the scenario that Tony survives, as more bets were placed and the odds moved in his favor."

DARPA wanted to use a gambling-type "marketplace" to help predict future terrorist attacks. People were naturally outraged and the brilliant project was dropped... Or so we are told.

paulie's the rat, book it

no one else thought it was odd that he wasn't on the hit list from nyc?

its also definitely jr's house.

i noticed

he wasn't on the hit list, but paulie is also a thug - all muscle, no brains. phil said they would continue to work with whomever is left, just to decapitate the beast. i think phil knows pauly would be easy to control and have there.... and paulie would still be able to enforce all the pick-ups and captains. sil also killed the guy who was playing both sides, who i think was phil's main rat.

but, i'm not confident about any theory. except that it is jr's house.

ok ok but...

trying a new theory.  paulie is pissed b/c he got passed up for bobby - and he's probably pissed that an upstart like tony is boss in the first place.  he's been disloyal in the past, siding with johnny sack.  plus, he's ordering a pizza - which means he can be on the phone, giving out an address to whoever he wants in front of everyone else.

They're at Junior's house

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And god it was a great great episode. I loved Tony goingt to bed with that gun. And the scene with AJ and Tony was excellent too - dragging him across the bed like that! The motorcycle guy getting hit was completely unnecessary, but loved seeing everyone outside the Bing watching Silvio!


i loved it so much. and i have NO idea what will happen. i think pauly is a fuck up but i do think he is loyal to tony - the constant muscle man. i think sil will die (is gone). what happened to vinnie from doogie howser?

the real question is what will happen to tony: die? shot by phil's guys or one of his own? nabbed by FBI and sent to jail? nabbed by FBI and goes into protection program as the dude's life he lived while in coma? kills phil and runs NJ as top man, with control of carmine who will run NY, and life goes on....?

the new guy - the one from band of brothers

he's not to be trusted.  tony's surrounded by familar faces in that house (don't think it's junior's) except that guy.  who is he?  think i've sensed some mistrust between him and the other guys.  i think he's NY's inside man.


it is definitely junior's house, recognize it for sure.  i think that guy showed up at christopher's funeral?  it can't just be that he's new to us that he's the rat, right? since tony wouldn't have such a new guy there with him?

i predict tony dies 35 minutes in

the rest of the show is a 25 minute-long montage of slow moving shots pulling back from carmella and the kids crying, melfi bitterly withholding tears, biting her lip alone in her office - empty patient chair in front of her - finally unable to keep the floodgates closed, paulie semi-reluctantly assuming the throne, though obviously submitting to phil (perhaps at tony's funeral, in the back where no one ever shows the dead the respect they deserve).