Lost - Spoilers

I really think that was the best Lost episode ever. Maybe because it was two hours, but sooo many things happened. I LOVED the ending, didn't see it coming, loved all the carnage (including Sayid breaking that guy's neck with his feet), Hurley saving the day, Frenchie's reunion with the daughter, the twist with Naomi, poor Charlie, Jack's love confession! How awesome was that? So do we think that the next three seasons will be on the island with flash forwards of the future or that the next three seasons will be them off the island and will track their new lives? Or something different? Can't wait to find out.


Steve suppossed "rape" victum

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Did anyone else make that call?  That the girl in the looking glass was the take back the night 90210 girl who hung herself after brenda got the part in the school play?  Love it.


perfectly amazing call lko!!!! and i'm soooo annoyed w/ myself b/c i've been going nuts trying to figure out where the other girl down there is from, and i just gave in and looked her up. and i had the exact right images of her and everything - i even knew she was from a crappy show that was cancelled that only i loved and nobody else even watched (except maybe lc;)  WINDFALL!! she was dylan's wife! it all connects back to bev.


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I too was racking my brain to figure out who she was. Good call

Holy Mindfuck, Batman

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Great episode.  I think even Sawyer was impressed when Said snapped that guy's neck with his legs.  One thing - I wouldn't say right now that the world in that flash forward is guaranteed to stay that way - we saw with Desmond that the island has a weird way of messing with time (didn't Desmond "leave" the island and then return?)  And with Jack tempting fate by trying to crash and get back to the island, who knows if he may succeed and then throw everything out of kilter.  That being said who know what happened on the island between now and their rescue that wouldn't somehow result in his father never dying?  The Island is about absolving sins and it seems a whole lot of them have to do with people's father issues, so who knows if Jack can't end up doing something that reverses the events of his father's death.  And it seemed that the funeral was in a poor/black neighborhood  - so maybe Walt or Michael in the casket?  I don't think anything was obvious from that flashback, such as Kate definitely being with Sawyer in the future.  Sucks we have to wait 8 months to watch again.

True, Not obvious

just guestimates based on past events and relationships. I won't like it if everyone can warp time..that is desmond's thing. Sawyer finally got his revenge on Zeke (Tom). So, Sawyer killed one person (wrong guy at shrimp stand in australia) and has now killed 2 on the Island--Locke's dad and Zeke (anyone else?) What is up with him killing more? remember adam and eve from season one? i read some theory that they are Kate and Jack. I am happy that producers have determined a firm number of eps left. hopefully, they will tie up the thousand or so mysteries.

oh yeah

i forgot about the neighborhood of the funeral, that jumped out at me too when i was watching it, which made me think it might not have been ben. it was bizarre, b/c whoever it was, was what put jack over the edge w/ crying and about to jump. i know the island plays w/ time and things that happen etc., but i will be disappointed, i think, if it is too far out and has his dad live or has this "flashforward" not happen. seems too detailed and lived to be like desmond's visions. argh, i hate how long it will be! i think i'll rewatch twin peaks between now and feb. my other all time fave brilliant mind fuck show.

agree with all

transcendent performance by Jack. Played the role on the Island and the flash forward brilliantly. It was great how he finally didn't let Ben/Locke/anyone else derail his mission of trying to get everyone off the Island. Obviously, there will be problems but enough was enough. As for his dad, i think he was just f'ed up on drugs. Not sure who is in the coffin, but Ben is a good guess. Kate is definitely shacking up with Sawyer. The Charlie scene was well shot and done. After a sub par season 2 and a rocky beginning to season 3, the last 10 or so eps were amazingly awesome.

Jack was soo good

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His crying scene in the car was so good- he should get an emmy for that.

he's got the emmy for best performance by a fake beard locked up

again, why is faking a beard harder than faking a plane crash?

the long beard with gray screamed flash-forward, but when he was back at the hospital i thought i'd misread that.

and did anyone else think the whole we-don't-have-time-to-run-wires-to-the-TNT-so-let's-just-shoot-it plan screamed Blazing Saddles?

So if Penny is not with Naomi, who is Naomi with?  I'm thinking Naomi is with Whidmore, and Penny is rogue, rebelling against her father.  The real question though is who is Jacob and what is Locke's mission.  Whatever the answer to that question is is what Naomi and her bosses are after.  But then who are the hostiles?  Are they protectors of the island?  I think they are disciples of Jacob but unable to have a relationship with him.  Perhaps there was one who had a relationship with Jacob before Ben came along but he or she died and there is some folklore about the second coming of He who would communicate with Jacob.  Because Ben came along and killed the Dharma gang, they perhaps thought he was it.  And they told him about Jacob and he's been faking it ever since.  Now comes Locke who appears to have a real communion with the island and a real relationship with Jacob and he's there to fulfill the mission of the island.  But what is that mission and who is Jacob?   That's the question.

 Unfortunately, I watched the Sopranos right before I watched Lost and as good as Lost was, the Sopranos blew it away.  I am so glad the show is ending if only because it means all this shit building up for years is coming to a head.  How do you survive a curbing?  And how is Butchie not strapped?  Don't you think he would have shot Tony while he was beating Coco if he could?


i am so happy it is ending too b/c it has brought out the best in the show and wrapping things up amazingly. i think coco had a gun, but he still knows tony is tony and a boss and despite his boy getting the beat down, you aren't going to be the one to kill a boss w/o direct orders.... which may be coming soon from phil. who was such a pansy screaming from the windom, by the way. he deserves to get wacked more than anyone.

brillant move

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by the writers with the flash forwards. who do we think is in the coffin? the finale really was awesome as poo. so much action. i'm glad the others are starting to doubt ben.

Jack's Dad Alive?

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So in the flashback/forward - Jack kept mentioning his dad wrote him the perscription and that his dad was upstairs, so he didn't actually die! crazy!

I got a little teary when I thought Said, Jin and dentist were dead. Oh and Charlie dying was super sad.  

Jack's dad

I didn't even think of that! What could that mean??


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The best episode yet- I haveto say that I am awesome and called the flashforward the second that they showed the razor phone (the writers are too smart and detail oriented for that mistake to act like he had that phone in 2003) and when they showed it again and again i was convinced- plus the preggp wife- i am awesome.  Anyhoo i loved every second aboot it (favorite was sayid's foot move) and i'm pretty sure that ben is in the coffin.  Who would go to ben's funeral?  As annoyed as they all must be at locke for almost blowing the rescue and killing naomi I'm pretty sure they would go to his funeral.  Plus how Jack was called a hero- AGAIN- just shows that the forst hero move was getting them off the island.  So glad to see more of Rose and Bernard and Walt- wonderful.  I wonder if Michael and Walk will be in the next 3 seaons then since they are back as well.  and I loved that kate said "he's going to be wondering where i am" so now we know she is together/living with Sawyer- i love that too.  The best episode of any tv show ever.  Oh and i think Jack's dead is dead and that was to illustate just how f'ed up he was on the drugs.


i am so proud and awesome too, i actually thought it was the flash forward right when i saw jack w/ beard on plane... not sure why, but i didn't think he ever went through that phase pre-island and then it all kept making sense, except the dad reference, but i think that was him being f'ed up on drugs (also why she couldn't call his dad re prescription).  i LOVED it all so much, but i have to confess, a small part of me isn't sure if i like knowing that they get off and jack falls apart. but it was brilliant. and i wonder if the show will now take place in future with island flashbacks? maybe that was the twist??? soooo good. thank god jack didn't let anyone stop him, but yet how it obviously kills him. i'm thinking that is ben's point, that the decision will kill them all - not that naomi's peeps come in and blow them up, but maybe that once people inhabit the island, if they leave they are destined for misery? even kate wasn't that convincing that they were meant to leave....i hope she's with sawyer. and it had to have been ben's coffin or someone who we haven't met yet.  but i want more island!! can't believe we have to wait till feb.


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He grew up a lot in 3 months, I don't think they will bring him back again. He will look too old.