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I just watched the last episode -- what did everyone think? I was shocked as poo that Tony killed Christopher! I didn't watch the past two seasons, but did he kill him because he started doing drugs again and he is just too much of a risk? Was he remorseful at the end, or just relieved that he could say it was him? Interesting how his luck least at the roulette table.


"i get it"

apparently tony screamed "I get it" at the end (I say this b/c I thought it was "I did it", like he was finally confessing to the world, but was corrected...ultimately by HBO's recap), so it seems like his peyote trip led him to find the meaning of life? or something? i mean, he's been questioning the point of it all w/ malfi since season 1, and now aj is doing the EXACT same thing w/ his shrink. i love what they're doing w/ aj and the pattern of his father. i actually like josh's ending a lot too.

great season

he says in his dream that he killed chris because he thought he'd rat him out.  i think he did it for that reason but also because he rejected tony.  this is aj's break-out season.  will he turn into a criminal or will he reject the life?  my prediction - aj gets sucked into the life but half-heartedly and gets killed as a result.  carmela blames tony and kills him.

that would be a great ending

tony had been struggling with krissy. this latest relapse did two things, showed again how weak christopher was because of his drug use and provided him the opening to kill him without anyone possibly blaming him.  and i don't think tony felt any remorse. he felt like it was a weight off of his back. he even started winning while gambling again.

 i think josh's ending would be as good as any i've heard. i think everyone expects tony's life to end in shambles, but i'd like to see at least a glimpse of what the future is after that for the "jersey family." because if the show has illustrated anything its that these mobsters life the fast lifestyle, it falls apart for them, but someone else steps in and carries on.

crime of opportunity

i think that was just it.  given a virtually consequence-free opportunity to kill someone who might - just might - cause tony harm, tony will kill him.  if it was paulie, he would've done it, too.  or hesch.  or that new guy who took vito's place.  btw, that was the greatest line of the season a couple of eps ago, when tony yells at the guy "maybe you should start sucking cock"