The Office- Spoiler alert

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Was that the season finale? Do we have to wait all summer to see how Jim responds? I thought it was a great episode. Of course Jim's gf will get the job and move away and all will be good for Jim and Pam- that's what I'm hoping anyway...


I think..

karen was picked up for another season, which they were unsure about and actually filmed two finales. but since she is staying, i sadly think it means she and jim will stay together? or perhaps they'll break up and it will just be awkward all around? i love this show.  (ps. lake scranton so doesn't have a beach. just a 3.7 miles running/walking paved trail around it. but it looked like the state park lake, so it works)


It was a great episode. I think next week is the season finale. GF will definitely get that job and jim and pam can get together finally. I loved Andy floating down the river and toby not getting to go and the hot dog eating contest and kelly saying that amanda bynes is a comedian. Switching to Scrubs: I think JD being in love with Elliott again is lame. He's had like 3 years where he didn't care about her at all and now all of a sudden he's been secretly in love with her? Lame. She should marry Keith because he's funny. Also feel free to chime in about how lame Grey's anatomy is and how much I want lizzie to get killed off b/c she brings an otherwise good show down by like 100 levels.


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oh, it is meredith that is driving me bonkers. her "poor me" bit never ends. first drowning, then her mom dying, stepmom dying, daddy issues, communication issues with mcdreamy. enough already! i love christina's character, and of course, i love dr. bailey more than life itself.


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I loved Andy being floated down the river. And all of them singing in the bus! That was so funny. There were parts of the show last night that were just great.

Scrubs - Is seriously becoming like a bad Friends. Which they actually reference in the episode. She should marry keith, JD should just stay single and the preggers g-f should just be off the show never to return.  

hot dog eating contest

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you can imagine how much MGC loved that bit. that fat suit bit killed. the show works when there is less michael.