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I'd like to second Anne Coulter's comments in welcoming France back to western civilization. I for one am very excited. I haven't bought a french bottle of wine for as long as i've been ordering freedom fries.

"All over the civilized world, voters are turning terrorist-coddling liberals out of office and voting for politicians friendly toward Bush, the world's sworn enemy of Islamic fascism."


Le France c'est...

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she's so hot!


The Only Thing More Irrelevant Than Anne Coulter

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may be French politics.  The real referendum on the war and American foreign policy will be when England chooses a successor to Blair.  Sarkozy was elected as much because his opponent was a woman as because of any particular issue.

keep kicking that can

everyone thought the "real referendum" was on howard in australia. and we all know how that turned out (note to lk: he was re-elected to an unprecendented third term).

gordon brown

he was chosen 10 years ago

is she implying the US is not civilized?

cuz last i checked, we turned the corrupt conservatives out of office.

btw, quef, when you're responding to a post from travis, writing "agreed" is redundant.

also, it bears repeating, democrats aren't the enemies either.

democrats aren't the enemy

they are patriots whose heart felt inclination on national security policy would leave us weakened and further open to attack from the islamofascists.

i'm very interested in seeing how many votes the out of iraq caucus gets today.

the republicans do a much better job of purging their own ranks of corruption then the dems. the last time i checked pelosi still wanted to add a lawmaker who was busted with cash in his freezer to the homeland security department. maybe because she's too busy including earmarks for her husband into legislation.

if only...

political discourse was framed as soberly as that first graf, our country would be in much better shape.  we'd be focused on solving problems instead of perversely hoping that gonzalez will stick around because it will make life difficult for bush and the GOP (which is what some numbnuts proposed on NPR this morning).


it bears repeating, the enemy is not Republicans. it is the Islamofascists. i know dems are still riding high and think 08 is in the bag, but running on a higher tax (all top dems believe in this even tax receipts are at a record high thanks to the cuts) and terrorist appeasement/accomodation strategy is a political loser. If edwards or barack wins the primary, I am looking forward to the netroots community getting exposed. For the primary, it is a successful strategy to pander to the people carrying pitchforks but they will want to distance themselves in the general.