Antonella Boobalicious

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May hurt her chances! American Idol semifinalist Antonella Barba's topless pictures surfaced yesterday.


i didn't realize

that she goes to Catholic and works at Lounge 21 on the Senate side of the hill. apparently the new pics, of her in her tshirt and panties are taken in the WWII memorial fountain.

can't wait for tonight!!

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I bet they comment on it!  or she will be awful- talk abouy a bad day!  her big debut ruined!!  do you think they'll still use the bad day song for the losers?


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Isn't she like 17? You know there is also some random Girls Gone Wild video with her and her super bratty friend in it.

i think you mean, help her chances

i haven't watched any ai this year yet, but i'm def voting for her. i saw these pics the other night. talk about a group of girls who know how to lossen up and have some fun.