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Was anyone else bored to tears? Both MO and I fell asleep. I understand him seeing the future when he was lived for a second time- before the hatch exploded, but post hatch explosion how the poo does he know what's going to happen? Makes no sense to me.


LOST, in Express today.

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In an interview with the Post TV columnist (Lisa De Moraes):

Q: What can "Lost" do to get the higher ratings?

A: That is easy: Take out a full page ad in newspapers in every one of the top 10 markets in which each writer individually apologises for the way they've treated faithful followers of the show. Then maybe, oh, I don't know, answer a question or two about the show itself. Just a suggestion.

I love it, and agree. LOST has gone completely off the reservation, and there is no end in sight. While this show may be figuratively jumping the shark, I would not be surprised if Sawyer literally water-ski-jumps over a shark-infested lagoon in some future episode. It is that bad. Really.