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Mexican Food and Doggie Rights

Eat at Baja Fresh this Saturday in Clarendon and take this flyer and 15% of your bill goes to support Homeward Trails, a great organization that does animal rescue for great dogs like Lily.


My office is holding a fundraising dinner next Saturday night November 3 at St. Stephen's church in Columbia Heights.  $25 includes a Guatemalan dinner, raffle, entertainment, and a talk by our guest Guatemalan human rights activist.  There will also be a very goodlooking bartender serving $3 beer or wine.  If you are interested, let me know, or you can donate online at  Thanks.

Who is your 2008 candidate love match?

Which candidate is best for you? Go Kucinich! 92%.


Dorm tours

You can now tour w&m freshman dorms online. How was that dupont is now smoke free. College wouldn't have been the same without all of the smoking in LK's room. I don' t know how to make the link active. I need a mb tutorial


All right folks, it's been long enough. Now that summer is over, it is time to reinstate MYCS cooking club. Are there any takers for September? If not, Munk and I could volunteer. Saturdays or Sundays? Thoughts, suggestions? Mere, do you want one final host before abandoning us?

Frankie from RW San Diego

Did everyone hear that Frankie from real world san diego died? I guess from cystic fybrosis. Sad.

Reunited: Real World LV

How amazing is Reunited: RWLV. Genius idea to do the show in the first place and the first two episodes have not disappoiinted. Steven getting kicked out of the pool, Arissa and Irulan fighting, Irulan refusing to have dinner with Alton, Frank hooking up with that girl in the confessional. Great television. And Trashelle hasn't even gotten started!

Lost - Spoilers

I really think that was the best Lost episode ever. Maybe because it was two hours, but sooo many things happened. I LOVED the ending, didn't see it coming, loved all the carnage (including Sayid breaking that guy's neck with his feet), Hurley saving the day, Frenchie's reunion with the daughter, the twist with Naomi, poor Charlie, Jack's love confession! How awesome was that? So do we think that the next three seasons will be on the island with flash forwards of the future or that the next three seasons will be them off the island and will track their new lives? Or something different? Can't wait to find out.

Heroes - Spoilers

I was a bit disappointed by the Heroes finale. I was expecting a bigger battle, more super-hero like. I also don't understand the following: 1- Why didn't Sylar stop Hiro from killing him? 2- Peter Petrelli can fly. Why didn't he just fly himself up into the sky to explode, why did Nathan have to carry him? Makes no sense. I think the show has been fairly "believable" so far as far as the use of their powers, but it seemed like the finale was rushed. I'll still watch next year.

The Dude Abides

Finally, Veronica is back! Besides all of the mystery-of-the week stuff, the key part of the episode was obviously the big K-I-S-S. I have been a fervent LoVe fan all along and a Piz-hata but I will say that by the end of the episode I was so mad at Logan and that stupid cake that I wanted Veronica to kiss Piz and I was glad it happened so I may be sort of pro-Piz, though I think in the end Veronica and Logan are destiny. Though destiny may be cut short by the show getting cancelled or changing format.

Lost = Awesome

Lost was great. The ending gave me goosebumps, but I do hope that it doesn't turn out that they are all dead in purgatory or whatever. I didn't care about Jin's mom being a prostitute, but I liked how happy she was that the baby is his, even though it means she'll die. I don't know if it is on any blogs somewhere, but I think that the parachute lady said "I'm not alone" when she obviously wasn't saying "thanks for saving me" like one-eye said. So maybe the GF is on the island after all.

RIP Wizards

RIP Washington Wizards. You lost your two best players to season-ending injuries within the past 6 days. It was a fun season, maybe next year.

Easter and the Sopranos

Jerry and I will be having a leg of lamb for easter sunday dinner and will be enjoying the sopranos on our new HD tv. If anyone would like to join us, let me know. We are giving away a cute, black dog as a door prize.  PS - Does anyone remember what happened on the sopranos last year?


I loved Lost last night. True, it didn't advance the plot at all or answer any mysteries, but I was completely surprised by the ending and thought it was very Twilight Zone. An entertaining hour for me.

HB Mrs. Butterworth

Happy bday Mrs. Butterworth. Hope it was a swell one!
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