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Jerry's Restaurant Reviews

Here is Jerry's latest restaurant review in the Lyon Park Citizen. Thanks to Meredith for joining us at Restaurant Three. Click on Current Newsletter on the left and scroll down to page 14 for the review. Also scroll to page 7 for a shoutout to Jerry about how everyone loves his reviews.


Has everyone heard that David Hernandez was a stripper at a gay bar? Frenchie got booted a few years ago after her nude past came out, if fair is fair they will boot David as well.

Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit (spoilers)


Going on record to say that was the best episode of the wire I have ever seen.

Namand (made me teary), Bubbles testimony (made me cry), Marlo and Chris going down, Lester taking Bunk's place of getting drunk with McNulty, Bunk getting the praise, Keema confessing, Snoop, Michael leaving his brother, poor Dukies, Templeton in hot water, what else? So much happened it was hard to keep up. I don't know how they wrap this up.


Does everyone know that there is a lostpedia? It is fascinating.



Am I the only one who didn't see Carly in the girl's section last night?

Still love John Michaels and newly love the Castro kid who I have never seen before.  And the kid from Staunton because he is from Staunton.  Poor Garrett, why was he even included. 

Funny Blog


W&M President Resigns


President Nichols is fired/resigns.  All kinds of ruckus. How fun for those of us who will be down there this weekend. Protest!

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts

Sign this petition to keep FNL on the books for next year.  It may have been up and down this year, but still one of the best hours on tv.

Fun Super Bowl Game

Here is a fun game for the anti-TB people out there.

Happy Birthday Travis!

Hope 32 is just as awesome as 31, but with a few more playoff wins.

TV Strike

As promised, here is the site that tells you how many episodes of your favorite TV shows are left.

The Newest Munk Member

No, we aren't pregnant.  We just have a terrible addiction to adopting animals.  We seriously may need help.  We got a new cat at Petsmart last night and named her Olivia.  I hope that is no one's baby name, please let me know if it is. So far she is doing fine with Lily and staying separated from Madeline.  You can never have too many cats.  I don't know how to add a picture but if someone tells me how I can do it.


The Golden Globe awards were announced today and proudly two former book club books lead the pack.  I never actually read Atonement.  Can I borrow someone's copy?

Holiday Shopping Blues?

Check out GHRC's 2007 Holiday Catalog for all of your shopping needs and help out Julie's organization at the same time.

Restaurant Review - Me Jana

Here is the link to Jerry's restaurant review of the new Lebanese place in Courthouse in our neighborhood newsletter.  Clink on current newsletter and scroll down to page 9.
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