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Stupid baby names

Ashley Simpson and what'shisname named their baby Bronx Mowgli. Worst name ever.



What should we do this year?

My vote is a modified version of last year - with a fancy dinner and go back to someone's house for games and ryan seacrest.


Restaurant Review

Jerry's newest review of Ray's Hell Burger is in this month's Lyon Park Citizen on page 19


If you're terribly bored, feel free to turn to page 17 to my scintillating review of the Lyon Park yard sale and bake sale.

Happy Birthday on Sunday LKO!

May the Redskins win again in your honor.

Greetings from SF

I'm having the best time! The event is amazing and it's just getting started. I went to a fabulously cool dinner last night and - semi-celebrity sighting - the spiky haired lesbian from Top Chef was there. Without the girlfriend, they must still be broken up. I did't introduce myself. Good times. I got hammered and still managed to make my 7 am meeting this morning.

Goodbye Royal Lee

It has been a good, long run, but tonight the Royal Lee will be closing its doors forever. It will be sad to see her go, but the drum beat of progress cannot be silenced -- even by the sounds of Josh's version of "Jump Around." Cases of Champagne have been delivered. The walls are bare, but streamers have been hung. The tables are filling as we speak. Mugs of bittersweet beer will be served along with karaoke, probably until the wee hours of the morning. Feel free to join us as we share one last beer with our longtime neighbor.

Let's talk about sytycd


I am loving this season. I really like Joshua and Katy and Twitchington the best i think right now. Last night I loved Mandy Moore's contemporary with Gev and his partner and of course I bawled during the viennese waltz. I also like the "quirky" guy and his blonde partner who did the Argentine tango last night. Will is going to win it all.

Mary has just gone off her rocker but it cracks me up every time. She clearly plans out her little catch phrases far in advance and practices them. I still love her.


Celebrity Sighting

I saw JFL today buying a sancwhich.

This week in entertainment

Lost was crazy, i need to read a recap before I talk about it. Will do that as soon as puts its recap up.

Speaking of recaps, can someone post a detailed spoiler summary of SATC if you come across one? I refuse to watch it but I am curious what happens.

My new job

My new organization launched our new website today, check it out if you are interested. New jobs are so strange. I am glad for the weekend.


David Cook!

Wow, I am still in shock and it's been like an hour. I really thought David A. was going to win. Not disappointed, just shocked.

I will gladly admit that I loved the final episode. I haven't watched one in a few years because it is usually on up against a two-hour Lost finale, but I loved the guest singers, loved the performances, loved the Jack Black thing. My favorite was probably Brook and Nash. ZZ Top was also great. Brian Adams, kind of lame. 


Is there a good website for donating to the cyclone disaster?

Changes for the SuarMunks

So I officially today accepted a new job at the Animal Welfare Institute as their new administrative manager. It was a really hard decision for me to leave human rights and Latin America work but I think this will be a great opportunity for me. And I won't have to miss any more weddings because of Guatemala.

Also, I figure that starting a new job is a good time for me to change my name. So we'll just be the regular old Munks instead of the SuarMunks. 

One week to go!

LC, how do you feel?

New Stadium

Jerry and I got last minute tickets to Nats Park on Sunday. It was a really fun experience. They had a red carpet and balloons covering the walkway from the metro (which we didn't take) and tons of fireworks, and of course George W. There are a ton of restaurants, including "Senators' Sausages", but even so the lines were really long. They have a jungle gym for kids, a playstation area, a batting practice area where it looks like real pitchers are pitching, so if your kids don't like baseball there is plenty to do. There was also a stage area where a band was playing and tvs everywhere. There is lots of open space for just gathering or hanging out and a few picnic tables. Our friends had uber-special $350 tickets behind the plate so we got to sneak down there for a while. There are two bar areas, one which is the Presidential Room and looks like a fancy restaurant, and lots of servers so if your company gives you those tickets, take 'em. But even in our 400 level seats, the view was great.

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