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Melrose Place

Let's talk about the new Melrose. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would and I like the mystery storyline. I thought Ashely Simpson-Wentz was terrible and I think she's the killer and she won't be a permanent character. I looooved Michael Mancini and I'm so glad he's back and that one of the main characters is his son. Who would his mom be? I can't remember who Michael ended up with on the show.

Did everyone see this?



That crazy girl Alexis was hit by a car and killed this weekend.





Jeanette got screwed by two boring dances. It's amazing how much the choreography dictates the winners and losers. And who is voting for Evan! I just don't get it, he has got to go. If he ends up in the finals I will be shocked. I am now pulling for Brandon and Jeanine. I loved the Battlefield dance, I've watched it like six times.



Let's talk about SYTYCD. SPOILERS


Ade's solo last night was amazing. I'm glad he was in the bottom 3 so that we could see it. The judges made the right decision, Phillip was never going to do great at the other styles and they didn't get a crack at Evan, who needs to go. I hope America gets it right.

 Btw, did everyone know this about the relationship between Michael Jackson and Wade?


Can we talk about the red-headed girl and her boyfriend. Natalie and William is it? I am confused about where all of the judges' venom came from. I feel like we must have missed something behind the scenes, like they were overheard bragging that they were going to win or something. It made no sense to kick Natalie off that early but they were holding her to a much higher standard than the other dancers for some reason. I hope William is great because I thought Mia and Lil'C were terrible to him and he took it very maturely.

Shocking AI finale

I'm kind of over facebook and would rather talk about the upset here amongst friends. If anyone thinks this was not at least partly a gay backlash they are nuts. A bunch of housewives in red states who think Kris with a K was such a "nice boy." We'll see who has the better career! I look forward to following all the things Adam does.

AI and GG

Has everyone downloaded AL's version of One on Itunes? It is phenomenal, I highly recommend it.

Also the finale of GG last night was great. I loved tying up some very important loose story lines but leaving the intrigue open with some new twists for next year. I also love that they are all going to NYU. I wonder what will happen to keep Serena from going to Brown. Can't wait to find out. I also appreciated that it wasn't a sappy, we're graduating from HS episode with silly speeches and everyone crying. They were very practical about it.


Who wants to run a 5K race with me in June? It benefits the Amazon rainforest.

Ray's Hell Burger


Hopefully everyone saw that Obama and Biden ate at RHB yesterday (Cherrysingers did you get in Friday night?)

 So disappointing that they both ordered medium well! Shocking.

Woohoo! Congratulations! Elvis is getting hitched!

Travis and Ellen are engaged! Many best wishes to you both.


Dear Mere,

I need a twitter lesson and you seem to be the master. I have signed up for a few twitter threads, mostly because we want to start twittering at work and I wanted to see how it works. Can I get emails or texts of twitter updates or do I have to contantly check my twitter account on the website? That seems silly. Please explain to your digitally inferior friend.

Let's talk about AI

I'm glad they cut two and didn't decide to extend it a week and I like the ability of the judges to bring someone back. Chris Daughtry would have won if the judges could do that back then. Very happy with the two that went home, I really was not a Jorge fan. Adam Lambert is amazing.

Fundraiser next week

Lyon Park is hosting a fundraiser at Restaurant Three next Thursday, March 5. All you have to do is eat there and 20% of the proceeds will go to rebuilding the community center. Jerry and I will be there - if anyone wants to join our reservation let us know!

For all you New Yorker readers

Check out the article about Will Oldham - my friend Jennifer (who did my wedding invitations) and her brother are mentioned in it

Moving downtown

My office is officially moving to Eastern Market tomorrow. I am now available for lunches, happy hours, and dinners in the city. Very excited to join the ranks of city-workers.
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