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Obscure post of the evening ...

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Nuff Said (The attached thousand words, that is.)

Military donors favor Obama to McCain

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The military prefers Obama?? Even though he's a Muslim, and McCain is a war hero. That has to sting!

Well, at least McCain can still count on the racist vote.


Sad Day ...

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The chinese womens' gymnastics team is somehow responsible for this, I am sure of it. (And I hear they not as old as they say they are.)

National Zoo's Giant Panda Will Not Give Birth

Staff at the Smithsonian's National Zoo confirmed today that female giant panda Mei Xiang (may-SHONG) will not give birth to a cub this year. They believe that she experienced either a pseudopregnancy or the loss of a developing fetus. In a pseudopregnancy, an animal's hormonal changes and behaviors are identical to a pregnancy, but no conception occurred. Fetal loss during early pregnancy is a common occurrence in mammals, but the reasons for this phenomenon are poorly understood. ...

Hottest PR in DC

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I think Josh mentioned this over the weekend, so I had to find it on MediaBistro, and seriously, some of these (ahem) ladies, look like they submitted the sluttiest picture they could find on their own facebook pages. Seriously. Wow.

 I do like this one though. The fact that it is B/W maybe makes it seem a bit less tawdry than the rest of the pack.


Happy Birthday Julie!

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The big three-oh. Here´s to another 30 .... or I mean 300 ... or whatever, here´s to many, many more.

Our Spain Trip

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Does anyone want to volunteer to check in on our cat a few times during the 10 days we are gone to Spain? We leave the evening of the 12th and get back in the afternoon of the 22nd .... There may be some Spanish souvenirs in it for the lucky volunteer. (Like a t-shirt from the Madrid airport that says, "I watched some douchebag's cat for 10 days and all I got was this crappy t-shirt.") I have also sent notice to my various non-MB friends about this thrilling opportunity, and the first response wins ... so, the race is on!

Good show, Senor Bananagrabber!

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Despite the nom de plume (and perhaps other evidence to the contrary), you are one classy guy. Caught your sponsorship this morning on NPR. Good stuff.

All Star Kitchen Makeover

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I just watched the Alton Brown episode. I have to admit, I got a little teary. Kitchen was awesome too. I also saw the Bobby Flay episode -- he put a picnic table in the pool at a Las Vegas home. Swim-up bar? Bah! Swim-up dinner!

Is there a lawyer in the house?

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So, I had some repairs done on my car recently. I had rear-ended a delivery truck, and needed a new bumper. (In my defense the other driver was driving like a goddamned little girl, and deserved it.) The repair shop had my car for almost a month to do what the insurance company estimated was 2 days of work. I was pissed. I pick up my car, and they forgot to charge me for the deductible -- $500. I don't say a word, naturally. They figure it out about a week later, and leave me a voicemail. I never called back. What is their recourse? Should I just pay it? I'd like to wait for a written invoice, honestly, or at least let them stew for a month or so (payback, literally, is a bitch).

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