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William & Mary On TV This Saturday!!!

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The Tribe (currently No. 5) vs. No. 2 Villanova will be on Versus this Saturday at 3:30



Here We Go Again . . .

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Fear The Asparagus!

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William & Mary 26

UVA 14

Sour start for Cavaliers





Shark Week Is Here!

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One of the best weeks of the year

W&M Athletics - Tribe Pride . . . And Vegetables

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William & Mary mascot ideas include an asparagus

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. (AP) — The College of William & Mary in Virginia is looking for a mascot and ideas have ranged from a feathered horse to an asparagus stalk.

The school said Monday more than 400 nominations have been submitted. William & Mary for decades was known as the Indians, but the school changed its nickname to Tribe in the 1980s.

The NCAA ruled in 2006 that the college could keep the Tribe nickname but its feathered logo was demeaning to Native Americans and had to go.

The school's athletic teams will still be called the Tribe, but the college wants a mascot that may — or may not — match the nickname.

The asparagus stalk supporter notes that if served with cheese, the vegetable represents the school colors.

The school's president will make the final decision.

So That Happened

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We can't wait to do this in person, so for now Isabelle and I wanted to announce that we are officially engaged.  We can't wait to celebrate with all of you - both at NYE and later on this year!

Cartoon Network Rick Rolls The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

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Greatest float gimmick ever?  Greatest float gimmick ever.

Happy Thanksgiving

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and enjoy the day, because on Sunday it could get a little rough down near you guys . . .



Lost Season 5

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Once you get past the crappy music from some band called "The Fray," the trailer has a bunch of scenes from the new season.

Wassssup 8 Years Later

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Make sure you watch this through to the end.

New Friday Night Lights Episodes Available On The Net!

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The season premiere is avilable to watch here.  Hopefully new episodes will be added as the season goes along.

Kick The Tires And Light The Fires

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Does Washington really need more change?  I think they are still getting used to this . . .






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If you haven't heard - W&M pulled off a HUGE upset yesterday and beat VCU in the CAA semis.  That means they play George Mason in the finals today.  If they win, they are in the NCAA tourney for the first time evah.  I didn't get to watch the game yeterday (since it wasn't on up here) and so I had to rely on a combination of constantly refreshing and text messages from Travis for the score, but it was a wild game and the highlights have been all over ESPN since last night. 

By beating VCU, the boys in Green and Gold probably knocked them out of the tourney and also probably ruined Maryland's chances for an at large bid as well.  So the giant killer role seems to suit them nicely.

The game is on ESPN at 7 tonight -    

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