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So I married and Axe Murderer

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Pajiba has a series on hangover movies and this week was So I married and axe murderer. Which I saw when it came out and had on VHS. My brother and I would watch this movie all the time and it has many things going for it

1 - Lots of cameos - Phil Hartman as vicki the Alcatraz Guard, Alan Arkin,  Amanda Plummer, Steven wright and charles grodin.

2 - Quoteable lines

  • We have a piper down! A piper is down! no wait he is just pissed
  • His head has its own weather system
  • Come Nadia - Let us dance like children of the night!
  • And Charlie - Light a Match!
  • I believe that all Scottish Cuisine is based on a dare
Ah - great memories, I might have to download this for viewing later


Bus Experience

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I was going home on the bus yesterday and these two kids who were not any taller then me are next to me and they had their MP3 player so loud that everyone on the bus could hear the rap music playing and they were acting tough and rocking to the music. The best part was that when they talked they sounded like a mix of harry potter and Ali G. I couldn't help but smile.


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David Cross wrote an article for the Guardian about the worst tattoos. One of them is patrick Swayze as a centaur.

Why has no one gone here yet

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Spike for Top Chef has a restaurant in DC. Why has no one gone there yet? And if you have why have you not written about it?

4th of July in Dublin

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Over the weekend I figured it was a good idea to celebrate the independence of the UK from Britain, I would go to Ireland. And the better part - I got to visit Jojo and Kieran so I got a local tour of the city. Good times.

Poetry in a Pint of GuinnessI arrived on Friday and met up with Jojo and Kieran and we got my first pint of Guinness in the homeland. It was good. Then we went to the Ireland Ex-Pat Democratic party BBQ. It was held at the Guinness Athletic Club which was in the heyday the athletic club for Guinness employees it has grass tennis courts and lawn bowling. As well as a great old bar. So we drank some more, ate some hotdogs, drank more beer. Then it was time to go up to the activity room where we were supposed to get a call from the obama campaign, but there were technical difficulties. Then there was a raffle and we CLEANED UP. We won 160 euros worth of gift certificates to the nicest restaurant in Dublin, a bottle of wine and a Kieran won a pair of sneakers. It was awesome. And then we kept drinking.

What song are you sick of this summer already?

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I don't have an office anymore and out here on the floor, someone has the radio on most of the time. And as of Today - I hate the "American Boy" song. I think I have heard it once an hour for the past 3 weeks. When it first came on, I did like it. Now - it could be forever and I never want to hear it again. Anyone else having the same issues?

Friday Diversion on Thursday

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Since the majority of the readership of the blog is going to be a lovely BBQ's I am even going to one in Dublin. <check my facebook and flickr I will upload photos throughout the day>

This is making the rounds - Where the Hell is Matt?  He "danced" with people in 42 countries.

New Iphone July 11

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Here in the UK, O2 is the carrier with the iphone deal. Here is the deal. For the 16GB version if you do the £45 a month plan the iphone is £59. include unlimited browsing on your iPhone, unlimited Wi-Fi access, visual voicemail and reduced roaming rates with our International Traveller Service and are subject to a minimum term contract of 18 months. I kind of think this is pretty awesome. I am sure there is some catch that in the end I am going to be paying like £150 a month for this phone which will make me crazy. Is anyone thinking of getting the new iphone?

Because it would be weird

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To work on the 4th of July and because I am missing the parties in DC. I am taking the day off and flying to Dublin to visit Jojo and Kieran. Psyched!

The Hero is the one who stays

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Pajiba is highlghting season 1 of Veronica Mars. Which as it happens, I happen to be watching again at the moment in leiu of real TV that doesn't come until the 15th. And watching it again, it is awsome and heartbreaking and this time around I have decided that I do like Logan and now have some empathy for him. Just watched the episode with the FBI agent, and loved it. I think in season 3 I still like Piz better.



Borough Market

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I went to Borough Market yesterday, it is by London Bridge and my foodie friends, you would love this place. Thankfully I only had 30 pounds with me so I couldn't buy anything else also the fact that you have to carry everything back with you, also makes for not buying everything I wanted. I did get a s*&t-ton of stuff and it was awesome. So the amazing things at this market are the various, cheese, olives, fresh made bread, freshly sliced prosciutto and fresh buffalo mozzarella. Vegetable and fruit stalls, a speciality tofu stall, a section on meat terrines. I will give you the run down on what I bought:

a bottle of single farm virgin olive oil - it is amazing, turkish Hummos, olives stuffed with peppers, olives stuffed with almonds, olives stuffed with garlic, marinated wood mushrooms, olive and black truffle tapanade, fresh organic french bread, fresh buffalo mozzarella, prosciutto that they cut in front of you, tomatoes, rasberries, apricots, blackberries, Stilton cheese that was better then any I had ever seen, drunken goat cheese, sheep milk cheese, and aged gouda. Megan came over and we ate lots of it and drank lots of wine and watch SYTYCD. Great day and night. Here are some pictures on my journey to the market and inside.

Project Make McCain Exciting

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Leave it to the masters at the ColbertNation. The newest Green Screen Challenge make McCain Exciting. They have McCain on a green screen and let users do what they will to make him exciting. Here are all of the entries so far. My favorite is below is the golddigger edition:


Mad Men? Anyone else watching?

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I downloaded the first season of Mad Men on A&E and I watch it with a mix of fascination and revulsion. On the one side it is an interesting look at the ad industry in the early 60s and how they are trying to hang onto the 50s but the 60s counterculture is breaking its way in.

On the other hand the overt racist, sexist, blatant mysogynistic attitudes on the show are making me absolutly hate the show at the same time.  Now that I am almost to the end of the  season, a few of the women are beginning to have a more rounded character, but this is after like 8 episodes. And it is barely a character. 

Weirdly - I can't pull myself away. I think becuase there are some lines about dealing with clients that just weirdly still rings true. Is anyone else watching? what do you think?

Nike+ Human Race August 31st

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I am doing the Nike+ 10k on August 31st. They are doing the race on the 31st in a bunch of different cities. The one in London starts out with a concert at wembley stadium and then the race starts. I have 70 days to be able to run a 10k. I think it is doable. Here are the details.

update: Nike has an online training program for the race. This is the description of what is the easiest training selection: The 8 weeek program is for runners who already average 25-30 miles a week. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. 


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I am taking the bus now to work but I realized yesterday that I know where to get on the bus in the morning, but I actually can't figure out where to pick up the bus in the afternoon to go home. It drops me off on a one way street so I don't know where to catch it to get back. Will figure that out now, but highly frustrating last night when I was trying to find it to go home.

To the internets to find a bus map! 

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