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Bank Holiday Weekend

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So it is a bank holiday weekend. I get monday off. A replacement for Labor Day weekend. So what am I doing this weekend.

I bought a book of London walks and I plan to do at least one of them. Possibly 2. It is also the Notting Hill Carnival which should be fun to see the crowds and eat jamacian jerk chicken. I will take lots of pictures.

Today I am going to a thermal bath in Bethanal Green which after so much walking around you have to do here, it is going to be sooo amazing to sit in a hot tub for an hour.

Night Market in Covent Garden last night I got some lovely olives and this amazing italian sourdough bread. Good times. I sometimes still think I am on vacation which is a great way to feel about where you live. Anyone else have fun plans?

Voting in Virginia

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Thanks to the Federal Vosting Assistance Program. I have figured out that I can vote as a virginia resident and that my absentee ballot is going to be coming to my house here. It was starting to worry me that I haven't figured this out until now. But good times - I am able to vote.

Michael Phelps is a god

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I cannot believe that he did that amazing feat. That was just great. That 100 Butterfly was just insane winning by a hundredth of a second? Insanity. Wow Wow. And the 200 IM he just rocked it. Just amazing.

Rebecca Adlington of the UK has done an amazing job in the 400 and 800 free. Crazy fast.

I am sad that the swimming is over. Onto WaterPolo, Diving and Sychro.

I believe that some of those chinese gymnasts are under age.

Just in case anyone missed it. The Hungarian weightlifter Janos Baranyai who dislocated his elbow.

What has everyone else been watching?

Celeb Sighting

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My first celeb sighting in London. I might not ever top this.We were in Soho tonight because I forced everyone to go there for no other reason then I have only been there once before. As we are leaving the pub, who walks past us with a very cute blonde woman. Steven Merchant.  I was psyched. I think I have to listen to the Ricky Gervais podcast again.

Get it here if you haven't heard it the first time. It will not disappoint. Truly one of the funniest things I have ever heard.

Olympics - Another recap

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Random thoughts as I try to catch up on my Olympic watching. I am only to Monday so a little behind, but getting there.

While I could not make the lake, Spain was a nice alternative

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Since I could not make the lake, I decided I still needed that time off. This past weekend was the first vacation I have had since I moved here so while it was not long enough, it was really nice to be off for a few days. So I went to Valencia Spain. Which is on the coast so I got some beach and it is sunny there 300 days a year so I got some heat and some sun. Highlights of my trip:

curving streetsI stayed at the lovely Petit Palace Bristol which was right in the middle of the old town. Valencia while on the beach, the beach is sort of on the outskirts of the town, the middle of the town is not really that close to the beach. So thursday when I got there I needed to get my bearings and of course the map was totally not to scale since the middle of the city within the old walls is like a mile wide. For the first day I thought I was going to have to walk miles and it ended up that things were around the corner.

Olympic Recap - A little Update

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I will do my recap of my trip and other things later this week. Still having issues with posting videos. Links are working again. Sorry abou the delay, but I have to get any sun time that I can. I do have my pictures up here.

First off - I didn't Tivo the opening ceremonies most of the time, there are only about 10 minutes of it that is exciting and it is usually 4 hours long. Something you can totally miss or find on the NBC or BBC online players if you want to see it.

Becuase of my trip, I am a few days behind - Only on Saturday events so please no one tell me what is going on real time. I will get there soon enough. My thoughts so far:

The Olympics are Coming - Get Ready

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I am excited for the Olympics to start. Thankfully my DVR is in place so I will be able to blog some of the events, but due to a massive amount of work, I fear that I will not be able to give as many highlights as I would like. To make sure that everyone gets enough Olympics. NBC today launched their online video hub for the 2008 Olympics. It features free on-demand video of over 20 different events.

You have to download a player and it only works on PCs but get it here.


Comcast Must Die

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It is widely known that I hated comcast and their constant turning off of my cable and internet instead of the neighbors and them telling me that I was wrong, or not showing up. If only this site had been around when I needed it before switching to Direct TV.

If you are having an issue you can put in your customer number and Comcast is trying to fix some user issues.

New Limited Edition Ipod

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New Limited Edition 90210 Ipod is available at the CBS Store. LO - I think this is a must have for you.


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So of course I spoke too soon when I said that the site was all new and shiny and working. Well there are some issues. Mostly revolve around the ability to post videos and the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. I tried last night to no avail to get it to work so it is going to have to wait until the weekend when I have more time and it is raining to spend some time getting it to work.

Linking is also not working unless you know how to do HTML (click the disable rich-text to use HTML). Sorry for the issues. 


L&O Theme Song

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I have pretty much been watching some form of Law and Order since college. It was on like 4 times a day and at least one of those times was at 2am and I think I watched most of them. So I know the theme song like it is part of the theme song to my life.

Now that I have TV - there is channel 5 US and it is mostly US shows a few seasons behind. Positive side - We are still in the Lenny and Jesse Martin phase of L&O original - weirdness - New theme song! It is weird and unsettling. It is way more grungy and electronica then the original. 

They also have House and that theme song is different as well. What an odd thing to change. 

At least the scene changing "dong-dong" is still there.

Also - the wire is just on regular tv here. 

Year 4 for

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So this weekend marks the 4th anniversary of Great ride so far. I realized that it had been a year since I did an update on the site, so needed to make the site more secure and play around with some new options. Updates throughout the next few weeks. I have to say this update was waaaaay better then last year. Only 5 hours instead of the 14 last year.

My Quest to get Television in Britain

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After 9 weeks, I now have TV that is not arabic porn or something I downloaded from bitorrent. That might have been one of the more frustrating things I have done here. Overall, getting things done has not been too bad. I got a phone a bank account and a place to live on the first day - but to get TV was really quite painful. First - I couldn't just sign up online, because I have no credit history here I had to spend 90 minutes on the phone with a lovely guy who took FOREVER to take my money so that I could first get a phone line, which you are forced to have at 10 pounds a month for no reason except all I can see is that BT has some sort of monopoly and everyone is paying 10 pounds a month for a landline you don't even have an acutal phone for. Or maybe it is just me who didn't buy the actual phone. Anyway - I have a phone line with no phone. 

So with the phone line, you can then get broadband 7 days after you get a phone line. I asked them to send the router to work, but they sent it to my house. Luckily my neighbor picked it up. Then I had wireless. They also have really cheap broadband deals where if you are only going to download 20MB a month you can get broadband for 6 pounds. Of course that would never work for me so to got the unlimited package and that cost about the same as in the states. 


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I went to Lovebox yesterday which was a 2 day concert in Victoria Park this past weekend. I only went one day because I was late getting tickets and only sunday was available, but it was a great time. We saw Roni Size Reprezent, Jack Penate, then went over to the DJ stage and danced for a while so I missed Goldfrappe which I am a little sad about since I heard they were good to see live. But then - The Flaming Lips who were awesome. He got in the big bubble and  walked around the crowd. They sang all their songs, lots of audience participation. They are amazing to see live. Good times. I haven't been to a festival in so long and it was really fun to go to one again. There were also great food vendors and at the end, they give away their food, so free pastie for me (meat pie)! 

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