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Ode to old friends found and lost again

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From the age of 10 until college the singular thing that defined me was swimming. It was pretty much all I did and all I wanted to do and most of my friends revolved around swimming and most of the choices I made during that time all revolved around swimming. I don't regret it at all. I loved swimming and the friends that I made. Key people that I spent 90% of my time with were Lia, Jim and Bridget. I met them in the 6th or 7th grade the were a 2years older but we were on the same swim team and I think being friends with them made me who I am today.

When it was time to go to high school, I decided to skip going to the school closest to the my house so that I could be on the swim team with those three. I think over the years I have tired to say that it was because of other things, but I went to USDHS for the swim team and nothing else. 

NKOTB Contest

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My friends at the Geekpad have entered a contest for a radio station and the best NKOTB video gets a trip for five to vegas. They did actually do an amazing video to "the right stuff" So go vote for them - Video 4. And watch the video:

Comcast would never have been so easy

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So I have here BT for TV, Phone and Internet. They have a nice online interface where you can put in all your accounts (one issue they are three separate accounts won't let you combine) but when I login I can see them all. Except my internet account - I would try to put it in so that I could track it online but I kept getting an error. So I emailed the contact us form and told them my issue and in 5 hours - Fixed. I now login and there are all my accounts. Amazing.

I know that would never ever work if I had comcast. 

Coming to America

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My plans have been made, my flights have been purchased. I even upgraded to Economy Plus. Details are:

In DC - December 18 - 21

In San Diego - December 21 - 30

In DC - December 30 - January 2

Going to be awesome. Can't wait to see everyone. What are we going to do for New Years?


Palin's experience in 12 minutes

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This is a great little video that goes through the experience of all past Vice Presidents and where Sarah Palin fits into this.

Got my absentee ballot today

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Week has been an interesting one for me. Sunday my friend Thecla and I took the number 19 bus from Angel to Chelsea. The Lonely Planet guide for London says if you don't want to pay of the tour bus, if you take the number 19 bus and sit on the top in the front, you basically get the same tour. Which was great. You go through picadilly circus, green park, hyde park corner, knightsbridge, slone square and onto Chelsea. It ended up being a pretty nice day and we went shopping in the lovely stores in chelsea. I bought a new bag that will fit more then I need to and then bought another pair of MBTs because I realized that for the past month I have only worn my MBTs so I might as well get a second pair so I switch up the shoes. I Love them.

So we decided to walk back from Chelsea to home. We went from south west London to North East London. In all we walked 10k. (I have a pedometer now that tracks kms as well as steps). 

Things from the week so far

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Randomness of the week so far, and why I like living in London. 

- I went to a museum exhibit this weekend that was about different burial grounds that had been dug up to put new buildings on top of. Including a roman burial ground that is now a pizza hut and a plague era burial ground that ended up where the mint was for many years and all the skeletons are green from the waste from the mint. Such a old city turns up lots of things.

- The museum was the wellcome collection which is an american who moved to london and started a drug company in the late 1880s or so. Like all rich people at that time (yes I am generalizing, but it seems to hold pretty true) they collected lots of random stuff. This museum has a lot of it. shrunken heads, torture chairs from china, weird medical device, it was a odd collection to say the least. 

- Positive side, I found a new bus route. 

- Tonight I was on the tube and the guy standing next to me lights I think the biggest joint I have ever seen. The car fills with pot smoke. No one says anything. I find it funny that no matter what country you are in, metro/tube riding is the same. No eye contact, no speaking, crushed against people most of the time. 

Les Misbarack

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This is genius. The campagin office sings. If you like it, pass it on. I got chills. And a little teary.

Jack the Ripper and Beatles Tours

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Earlier this week I went on the Jack the Ripper tour through east London. It actually was pretty fun. There were 10 of us that went. You wait outside a tube station a little before 7 and pay your 7 quid to a random person and then all of a sudden that person is your tour guide.

The tour lasts about 2 hours and there is lot of walking involved. Also pretty gory with the pictures and the descriptions of the mutilated bodies was kind of gross. 

At points, you are standing basically outside of someone's window and since this happens I think every night, a few of the people are a little mad at making the mistake of moving next to a daily walking tour. So they start yelling out the window to shut up. Kudos to the guide for not letting it get to her. 

Overall review from the group was that it was good, gory, a little too much walking, but still pretty fun. It also didn't rain on us. I also got my bearings better about how to get to brick lane. Every time I go, I turn the wrong way out of the tube station and end up walking around for a while. I think I can now get there straight away. psyched! More Curry for me!

Where is your last name

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New site

You can put in your last name and it will tell you where it is most prevalant. Bradshaw is:

  • UK
  • Australia
  • Ireland
  • New Zealand
  • US

The VMA's in 2 minutes

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Thanks to Best Week Ever there is a lovely 2 minute video where you get all the best parts of the VMAs without having to actually watch it.

On a sidenote, I love Russell Brand. His Radio show is hilarious. It is also in Podcast form.

The Daily Show

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I figured out yesterday that the Daily Show is on here which I am very glad about because I really didn't want to have to download it and pay for it.

So very glad for it. And this clip was just amazing. 

What are others saying

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Josh asked me if people were talking about the election here and it is big news here as well. This mornings evening standard. I thought it was a great line.

Our Dream for America

Party Unity

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linking and videos are now allowed back on the site. A little lesson - If you want to link to something - highlight the words you want to be the link and then the little chain link icon at the bottom here click on that and it will open a box where you can put in the URL click the insert button and you are good to go.

Video - Two ways - now there is a little flash icon below next to the smiley face if you click on that you can put in the VALUE url that is part of the embed code and the size (usually 400 px by 300 px if flickr 425 x 344 for youtube) and hit insert. Second way - click the "disable rich-text" to get rid of the editor and then copy and paste in the full embed code you get from youtube or wherever. Either way should work. To show my excitment - I present Humacorn.

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