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What have I been reading this week

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I am low on material this week and my big weekend was getting a cleaner (YES!!!) So here is the listing from my Delicious account of what I bookmarked this week. Also some other sites that I cannot seem to go without.

 First off - What is delicious? It is a free website which you can use to bookmark and tag your favourite sites and articles. Instead of just hitting bookmark in your browser, this way if you find an article or a site that you like you can add it to your delicious account and tag it with certain words so you can find it again easily. You can also see what other people have bookmarked as well. I love it. You see so many things online this way it helps to keep it somewhat organized. I highly recommend it. 

So mostly this is a list of articles for work so NERD ALERT on almost all but maybe you will find them interesting as well:

Lost Season 4 Recap

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Thanks to Pajiba - Here is a recap of last year in preparation for the new season!

American Idol is on here!

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I came home tonight and flipping through the channels and what do I see? But American Idol is on in the UK. It is on Thursday and Friday nights, but it is on! Exciting. I can still do my recaps, granted they will be a few days late. This probably means I am not going to be in on the pool, because you will all have the advantage of seeing it days ahead of me.

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New site where you can upload a picture and create your own Obama poster with you. It is pretty cool. I tried to get a picture but the system is a little overloaded I think at the moment.

Try for yourself -

I did one of the picture I have on my harddrive of my goddaughter Aly.

New Purchase

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Since the sun does not come up here until after 8am still. I am having a very hard time getting up in the morning. So I have decided to do something about it. I bought the Philips Wake-Up alarm clock. Exciting. It comes next week.

New Years Resolutions - Broken

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So I think the only real resolution that I had for 2009 was to leave work by 6:30. Day two of work. I have already broken it by being here until 7. Blah! Anyone else already broken resolutions?

Yummy Foods Tour

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While not really a foodie tour, I did have an amazing time back in the US and wanted to catalog all the yummy food I had missed and ate in the US.

Let's start at the beginning:

Boarding Pass Printed

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Just printed my boarding pass for tomorrow. It is actually here! Car rental reserved, I have a window seat for my 8 hour flight - awesomeness.

I am doing happy hour with FH on Friday at 6 at the Big Hunt if anyone wants to come along.

Can't wait to see everyone just have to get through a few more hours at work then off for a long holiday!  

A little delayed

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I have to go to NY today until Friday morning. If you are in the NY area tonight or thursday night I would love to get together. I get in this afternoon and leave again at 7am on Friday morning so super quick trip.

because I will mostly be on planes the next few days I wanted to leave everyone with something else. A shark attack!!!!

Happy Birthday Ms. Shoes&Cocktails

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Happy Birthday! Hope the party is amazing.

5 more years

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Of I just reupped. And on another note - Don't feed the bears.

Weekend In Milan

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Saturday market fruit and veggiesLast weekend I went to Milan to visit my wonderful friend Gita and see a little more of Italy. So I really feel like the universe wanted me to go on this trip because my flight was at 2:55 on Friday from Gatwick and when I got to Victoria Station at 1pm I realize that I have forgotten my passport at home. So to get my passport I have to get back on the tube up to Kings Cross, get a cab to my house and then have him drop me off at the Highbury and Islington Tube so I can take the victoria line back down to Victoria station then take Gatwick Express the 30 minutes to the airport. This journey entails me going from North London to South of London to get to the airport.

Worst Review Ever

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Jerry - I would love it if your next review could be as scathing as this one.

Front page of the Guardian Sunday. My favorite line is:

"£10 worth of wok-fried salt and pepper calamari and frog's legs was leathery, greasy and unrelenting. The only contrast came from the frog's legs, which promised a little light haemorrhage as the hidden bones punctured your mouth."

Ouch. The full review which I have to say is very amusing is here to read.

Luckiest Penguin Ever

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My reoccuring nightmare always involves being in the ocean with killer whales. This penguin has just recreated my nightmare. And survived!

YouTube is just wonderful

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So this guy Shane Mercado made a video in his bedroom doing the dance from Beyonce's new song Single ladies. And it is amazing in many ways. He is a great dancer, outfit - is another thing. And now over a million people have watched it and now he making the rounds on the talk shows. He was on the Bonny Hunt show this week.

Of course I only know any of this because of which I think might be the only site I go to on a daily basis besides

Here is the original version. 

Him on Bonny Hunt. (they won't let you embed)

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