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I have a new personal trainer

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As all of you know, while many years ago, I was very much in working out but that was in the 90s and now that it is almost the end of the aughts ('00s) I figure it is about damn time that I get back on that horse. I really can't live on my swimming glory anymore - it is a tad bit too long now.

About 2 years ago I spent a stupid amount of money on a twice a week personal trainer. I got up every tuesday and thursday and went to the gym at 7:30 in the morning. And while that was totally not fun, I think if I had tried a tad bit harder, maybe it would have worked out for me, I think it was the early mornings, and she wasn't that motivating. 

I now have a new workout regime. I am on week one of my new Wii game the EA Sports Active Personal Trainer. (Full disclosure - they are a client) 

So I was a tad skeptical about this game, I have the Wii fit and while it is fun, it just does not have enough things to keep you going. But this game really takes it to the next level. 

Features that I like:

I will get to my vacation recap

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But in the meantime check out this literal version of total eclipse of the heart. It is brilliant. Watch the whole thing. I know it is 5 minutes but it is all hilarious.

Via Buzzfeed and Dlisted

One Year

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So this week I have now been living in London for One Year. Craziness. Some thoughts about my time so far:

  • I love living in Islington, it is buzzy and there are people and a park
  • I like the bus better then the tube
  • TV is really not very good here
  • I like my local pub the Duke of Cambridge
  • It is great that there is so much thai food options in the grocery store. I love green curry
  • Going to the movies here is expensive 13.50!
  • I like being able to go to the continent for weekend breaks
  • The winter here SUCKS! the sun goes down at 3:30 it is terrible
  • I am glad I found a car service that will take me to heathrow for 30 pounds
  • I have a great farm share
  • I find it weird that eggs are just sitting out - but I am getting used to it
  • I HATE my shower it sucks to have to hold it over my head
  • I am starting to say words like tube, brilliant, proper, sorted, etc
  • Still no accent
  • I miss my kitties
  • I still feel sometimes that I am on vacation
  • I get lost a lot still - but I think that is what makes this place fun

Things I still need to work on:

If you had to go into witness protection

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I have been watching that show In Plain Sight and I like it. I was thinking about it, if you had to go into witness protection and you got to pick the city, where would you want to go, assume that it has to be a city/state that you know no one in already. I think that I would have to stay in the lower states because I really don't do the cold, the pacific northwest is still too rainy.

I think I would go with Charleston, SC would be a doable option. Other cities that I would consider:

  • Albuquerque, NM
  • Santa Fe, NM
I think that might actually be the only cities in states where I don't know anyone that I would consider. Anyone else want to play the game?

You can help Eliminate Tetanus in newborn babies

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Hi everyone,

I am doing a 24 hour charity event for Unicef and Pampers, and it would be AMAZING if you could donate even a few dollars to the cause. Every 3 minutes a child dies of Tetanus and this is totally preventable with vaccinees.

It is only valid for the next 15 hours so please don't think twice, just donate a little. I will really appreciate your help!

I even made a video


Letter to yourself

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Just wanted to point out this great story/post/whatever on the Guardian today. Stephan Fry wrote a letter to his teenage self and then the comments are all what others would write to themselves. I find it brillant. I can't stop reading all the comments. It is funny how many people write something along the lines of, "don't worry so much"

Things I would say:

  • When you disqualify your relay team senior year - really it is not a big deal you were still winning the meet by a mile. Don't take it so hard.
  • Stay in touch with the people who liked in high school, it really isn't that difficult.
  • Be yourself - people like you better when you aren't trying so hard to be like someone else.  
  • When you have to get a cortizone shot to keep swimming, as much as you like it - it is a sign to stop.
  • Moderate - Moderation 
  • You do get to live in another country!
  • When you get the option of a convertible or the Dodge Shadow - Pick the convertible this time.


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So is everyone enjoying Lost this season? I have to say, I would really like all episodes to be much longer, which in the end is good for a show to have.

Every time that LeFlur gives someone a nickname, it still makes me giggle. Do we think they are going to make it back to normal time? Is Faraday really dead? I don't feel like I got enough back story on him. 

50 best restaurants in the world

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The 50 best restaurants in the world awards were last night and El Bulli was again at the top. My favourite critic Jay Rayner did a lovely video from the ceremony.

Britain's Got Talent

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I am pretty sure everyone has now seen Susan Boyle sing from last week, it has been viewed a crazy 100 million times on YouTube. But another good one this week. Shaheen Jafargholi - he is 12 and is amazing as well. Also watching Simon start out as a jerk and just get schooled for being a jerk was great.

Guess where I live?

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New map of London making the rounds.

Thank you Flickr and Nan.


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So the clocks finally sprung forward on sunday this week and my god! it has changed my life. The sun doesn't set now until after 7:30. Today I left work and was able to walk home the whole way with it still being light out and I even took a detour and walked along the canal and saw a swan. It was great. All the trees have flowers, it is really really nice here now. Now I just need to erase from my memory the November - February and this place would be awesome.

Don't be surprised if one of you gets this

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As a terrible gift from me.Thank you Gizmodo.

Turn a Glass of Water Into Something Beautiful

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If you are in DC:

Where the Wild Things Are

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This looks like it is going to be a magical movie. Can't wait til it comes out.

Having a Brilliant time already

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Josh and Megan got here yesterday and we have already done quite a lot, bus trips, Tate Modern, London Eye, Regents Street and amazing indian food. Also a little Wii time. Today is Tower of London, Borough Market, Spitalfields Market, My local pub and Imran's house party.

We all miss you and here is a little ode to Trader Joes. Which I do really miss sometimes.

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