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YouTube Art - How to kill a chocolate bunny

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Three book suggestions

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I am going to talk 3 books with me on vacation. I need suggestions. I like non-fiction but I also like fiction. Historical fiction is also a topic I like. Figure I am going to have some time on my hands so larger is probably better. I am open to most books.

What do you have in your list that I should read. 

New 24 Trailer

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Since the season has been cancelled LOL cats have taken up the 24 writing duties.

What are you making for Thanksgiving

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I am excited about the food I am making for Thanksgiving. Here is the rundown of what I am bringing:


  • Roasted Winter Vegetables (by the barefoot contessa)
  • Green Beans with Goat Cheese and Bacon (my invention)
  • Mashed Potatoes (I have been told they are making sweet potatos and no mashed so I am bringing my own)


  • IceBox Cake (Graham Crakers, Chocolate pudding and cool whip amazing kids dessert)
  • Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake (Courtesy of Good Housekeeping)

While I would have rather made my Chcolate pecan oatmeal pie, I am going to a no nut house so out with the pecans. Sad stupid dietary restrictions. I am also bringing bread but that is being purchased at that bakery on Madison tuesday so whatever they have will work. If you are still looking for ideas, the Food Network has a good thanksgiving site.

What is everyone else doing? 

Day 6 - Feeling it

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I have actually made it to day 6. I have had only this stupid lemonade drink in 6 days. I actually feel really good. Rested, I haven't needed coffee at all. I am totally sick of drinking this  lemonade. It now just tastes terrible to me. While I am not hungry, I am starting to crave food really badly. Mostly Drunken Noodles from Thai Old Town.

I have lost 11lbs so far which is cool.  Saturday I break the fast. Only one more day.

Oprah Book Club

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I don't think I have ever read any books on Oprah's list, but this month she has picked one or my favorite books. Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet. I read this book in high school and it is like 950 pages and it is wonderful. Then when Megan and I drove cross country after college I got the book on book on tape because it was 30 hours long and it took us the entire way across the country to finish it. Which was funny at some points because there were days when we drove a little longer just to keep listening to the book and it really got us across the boring parts of the country after St. Louis when there is nothing but flat land and bugs.

Anyway - If you haven't read this book, it really is amazing. It is about the building of a cathedral in England in the middle ages. And so much more. I could never pick this for our book club becuase it is way above the limit for our club, but if you want to read it on your own, I will totally talk about it with anyone. 

FNL - If you need another reason to rent season one

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Great post from Slowly Going Bald.

More details figured out

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I am leaving my time in Cambodia sort of open to what comes, I have from February 4 - February 18 open to what I want to do. It is decided (by me) that I am going to spend those two weeks in Thailand. I have two things figured out so far.

February 6 - 13th - I am going to Coral Island off the coast of Phuket - Situated 9 km off the south east coast of Phuket. The island is surrounded by colourful coral reefs, hence the name Coral Island. The island has two long stretches of white, sandy beach on one side, and a few quiet bays on the other. I plan on sitting on the beach and maybe learning how to dive for the 3rd time. This time I think it will stick. 

February 15 - 17th - I am going to Chaing Mai in northern Thailand. Staying at this lovely Guest House.  This is where I plan to wander around, learn how to cook thai food and they have this night bizzare which sounds awesome. Also lots of buddhist temples which you can't pass up. 

Happy Anniversary Julie and Jerry

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Happy Anniversary to Julie and Jerry it was this past weekend. I miss the Bahamas.

Also Happy Birthday to Munk. His birthday was last week. How were the lobsters? Did they scream? 

Free Rice

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New site from

You guess the definition of the word in the middle and each correct guess gives 10 grains of rice to the UN.  The words get harder as you get more right. I got to 60 grains of rice before I got one wrong. I didn't know Paladin. (a trusted military leader)

Changing things up

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On saturday I started a 10 day liquid cleansing fast. So far it is going well. I feel a little more engergized today, no need for coffee. I am of course craving food, but I have to be able to avoid it for a few more days. Just to prove it to myself if nothing else. The first two days weren't bad because I didn't really do anything this weekend and avoided all food and drinks.  Being at work I think will be harder because there are to many  "extra food in conference room A" emails that will be tempting.  But I will resist and update on my progress.

What will Jack Bauer do now?

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the new season of 24 has been cancelled. In part from the writiers strike but I think a little to do with Keifer having to do some jail time and with the strike his whole "go to jail during christmas" is not going to work out as well.

Do you think they have already shot a bunch of episodes of Lost so that it will start on time or are we doomed to never get them off that stupid island and all questions will never be answered? 

Landry! Landry! - FNL Spoilers

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Again FNL was great this week.  I have always liked Landry from season one. He is that voice of reason and has the hilarious band Crucifictorius. That episode when he gets riggens to read of mice and men? Great one.

This week - I have to say I like Tyra and Landry together. He is so in love with her and its cute and someone finally treats her well. I really don't think she is taking advantage of him. I think he should have gone to the police when all that stuff went down, but what can you do. I got a little choked up when she broke up with him, his face was so crushed.

Other parts - When Matty told Julie he was mad at her and that he wouldn't go to the concert? Great stuff.

What was the deal with the Riggens/Lila/Jason love triangle? I don't like her whole christian conversion, but I don't think its going to last too many more episodes. I do love Riggens.  


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His chance to run for president has been dashed.

I thought it was great. Like when Howard Stern ran for governor. Can't wait to see the show and how he reacts.  

It is really happening

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The papers are signed, the plane tickets are purchased. I am leaving for 2 months starting January 4. The first month from January 6th - February 4th, I will be working with United Planet in Siem Reap Cambodia at an orphanage. I am raising money for this trip and for United Planet and if you would like to donate (end of the year tax-deductible donation). I would really appreciate it.

More details to come as they firm up.  

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