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2 week in Khmer

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Well I have now been here for two weeks. It is going really well. I have now learned about 15 kids names out of 150 so I am doing terrible at that, but there are so many and I can't pronounce their names. I also think half of them are giving me fake names for me to say bad words in Khmer. We are still struggling a little with the alphabet and the numbers, but they are all doing much better. We did give out spongebob squarepants stickers when they got something right this week and that was a HUGE hit. Spongebob is universal. 

Updates - from the week so far

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Hello - Catching everyone up on what has been happening. I went to Ankgor Wat and the surrounding temples over the weekend. It was amazing, they are massive and intricate and beautiful and amazing and my pictures do not do them justice. Even up close it doesn't look real. We went to the "tomb raider" temple called Thom Phron which is the one temple that they didn't clear up and fix from the jungle so the trees have grown over so much of it and breaking it up. Its beautiful. A lot of them you could climb up to the top with these sketchy stairs and my fear of heights was tested over and over again trying to get down. This other temple called Bayon has all these towers and on each side of the tower are these faces. There are like 30 different towers at different levels with all these faces carved into the rocks, it is really cool looking. I will try to put up my pictures soon.

Updates from Khmer

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Hi everyone - I have finished up my first "week" of teaching and I am really getting to know the area here. The kids at the school are cute and some of them want to learn. There are 50 kids in each class and it is hot so I think it is hard for them to keep focus. I know I have a hard time focusing in the heat. We learned the alphabet with the fifth graders and the 6th graders we did the months of the year. Some of the kids take private english lessons on the side so they already know this stuff, but the poorer kids don't and everyone can use some practice.

There is a reason why I am not working at the orphanage

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There is a reason why I am not working at the orphanage called the Children's Development Village (CDV) it is because if I or anyone spends more then a few hours there you will have to take one of these kids home.

Um hello! how cute is she. And I didn't even take this picture. One of the kids took my camera and took all the pictures here. They are great. I think he was 5. They also really liked my sunglasses and are f-ing adorable in them. We played volleyball and went on the swings and read books and colored. Seriously, I cannot go back here without stealing one of them.

All the pictures are here. (still uploading, internet connection a little slower here and I need to go to bed.)

24 Hours in Cambodia

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I have now been in Siem Reap for 24 hours. Here are initial thoughts and things that are goingo on:

  • I found out what I am doing here. I will not be working at the orpahage because it is 30km away but instead teaching english to 3-5th graders 4 hours a day at the local public school. This has me more stressed out then work. If anyone has ideas about how/what I should do. Let me know
  • The hotel is very nice a little outside of the main city center (which is 4 blocks)
  • I should have realized that I needed to turn on the hot water heater to take a hot shower instead of taking a very cold shower.
  • There are 2 other voluteers here right now John and Cassie. They are in college and very nice. Glad to have other people around. Another person comes next week.
  • I have to get to the job 2 ways - either get on the back of someone's motorbike or get on a tuk-tuk which is like a motorbike but there is a carriage at the back.
  • Pictures uploading now. Have to go to dinner. More tomorrow!

Day one or two not sure which

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Hi everyone,

I am in the bangkok airport about to leave for cambodia. My flights were very long getting here an I was amazed by the guy next to me who was able to sleep for 9 hours straight. I got about 3 hours on the first flight and then by the second one I was out of gas and fell asleep for most of it.

Of course, I now have a cold, which is just annoying but I am so glad I brought the dayquill strips. they are coming in handy. Hopefully the cold will be short and I will feel fine in a few days.

My taxi ride to the airport this morning was harrowing. The very nice taxi driver was playing the soundtrack to the Bridget Jones' Diary which of course I have, but he was also going 140km/h and swerving through traffic. I was close to either screaming in terror or throwing up. It was fun.

I had a lovely papaya juice this morning that was wonderful. Will have to keep that on the list of things.

leah sen heuy

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Last day before the big trip. Don't worry I will still be posting. Probably not until sunday at the earliest since I have a billion hours of flying tomorrow.

First Leg - Siem Reap Cambodia. I will be staying here:

And working with this organization:

Peyton Manning's Priceless Pep Talks

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I know Peyton is in every commercial now, but I thought these were funny. You can create your own Peyton Pep talk.


Stuff going fast

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I have a few things up on craigslist. You have this morning to cliam them or else they are going to the general public.

Small Computer Desk - $15

Women's CCM Hockey Skates - $25


Still hate commercials

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Back in SD until after christmas. I hope everyone has a great day with lots of food and presents.

This past week I have ended up watching a lot more commercials then I have in a really long time and my conculsion is that I still hate them and LOVE tivo. Watched part of the redskins game on sunday and I don't actually watch football, except the superbowl, so it was somewhat fun except that every 30 seconds they were going to commercial!!! How can you watch football when it is so broken by commercials? Do you mostly Tivo and watch it like an hour behind so that you can FF through that pain? I know I couldn't do it.

Last night I flew on Jetblue back to SD. I always like Jetblue becuase of the TV watching, but again, my god the commercials were ruining my watching. Positives were that I got to watch VH1 Classic which I don't have and it is a great channel! They were playing High Fidelity which is a great movie and I am now a tad bit pissed that I threw out all my VHS tapes becuase high fidelity was one of them and now I want to watch it again un-edited for television.

Hope everyone has a fun holiday. I will see you on the flipside.

OMG - Can you believe that Britney Spears sister is preggers? crazy. 

I Love This Show So Much I Want To Take It Behind the Middle School and Get it Pregnant

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Great post on about 30 rock.

Liz: Why are you wearing a tux?
Jack: It’s after six. What am I, a farmer?

Read it all here.

Let’s not forget the aged cheese of “30 Rock,” or perhaps the single malt scotch, if you’d rather. It takes a sophisticated palette to appreciate the humor of Tracy Jordan. I don’t expect everyone to enjoy it. But when paired with the light and airy hilarity of Kenny the page, the result is harmonious.

Where I am staying in Cambodia

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I found out where I am staying in Cambodia. It is called Imagine Angkor.
This is a brand new guest house offering
lots of services. It functions as a training center for young Cambodians
who wants to work in tourism. Exciting. So close!

What you find when you pack

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So I am starting to pack up my stuff, and since I have not moved since college some random things are coming out of my closet that I have not seen in many many years.

  • Lots of Computer Science books (why did I keep those?)
  • My Labor Market Ecomonics paper (I did keep that, it was well researched)
  • Both the 1997 and 1998 Sigma Nu Composite picture
  • Lots of 3 1/2 inch disks with random papers
This week I have thrown out 10 bags of trash and packed 10 boxes just from my room and it looks no different. It is kind of freaking me out I still have so much left to pack.

solidarity for the writers strike

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Animals not being cute in solidarity for the writers strike. Including David Cross and Richard Belzer.

Trying to finds gifts?

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I found this site last night. 

They have different gift "experiences" in different cities around the US. Things like cooking classes, make your own chocolate, make your own perfume, rock climbing, wine tasting. Some of them are outrageous like flying lessons, but some are good.  

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