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Mariah Carey has that many #1's

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Down to 7 and up to you. – Only an hour this week and it is Mariah Carey week.(!) Why is Mini Driver there? Ryan is asking people why they didn’t vote for Michael Johns last week.  Introduce the American Idols – I was reading online that Sayesha needs to sex it up a bit if she is going to say on. I guess she did.

Mariah – Of course she brought her dog to the meeting with the AI kids.

David A – He thinks he is not worthy to be in her presence. I didn’t think he would know who she is. Why does Mariah need a Hello Kitty band-aid on her hand. I have no idea of the song she he is singing. He is so Adult Contemporary radio. His voice is nice but whatever. Is he wearing leather pants? That is weird. Randy thought he can sing anything and it was the BOMB. David’s dad has a Newies hat.  Simon thought it was good. Ryan asks if he ate today. Does he have an eating disorder? That is not nice to ask about on the show.

TV - What is good for you

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Pajiba is doing an ongoing series of the best 15 seasons on TV in the past 20 years. This week is Season 2 of Buffy. While I totally agree that Buffy should be in the list, I feel like it should take up at least 3 of the spots because season 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 were amazing and I can't say that the others were really less awesome (except season 7 which was not good). Anyway here are the rest of the reviews of what is good for you:

London Recap

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Sorry its been a little bit since I posted last. Tonight will also include AI recaps. But I was in London last week trying to get my bearing for my move next month. I met the team and got a feel for where things are in the office and where I am going to eat lunch for the next two years at least.  Interesting things:

- There is a cheese shop by the office that has cheeses that have labels on them like "made by Jim and Sue of Leistershire" How fun! 

- Covent Gardens is a very touristy area so I am sure it will be a tad annoying in the summer but it was fine while I was there, just a lot of people sort of looking up not knowing where they are going so I felt at home.

- I went to a restaurant that the waiters dressed like monks and they served belgium beer. It was good.

I am really excited about the move. I have a lot to do still but the movers are coming next friday to put my stuff on a ship and I will see it sometime in June.  

Happy Birthday Megan!

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Hope JW takes you out somewhere really nice.

Friday links

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Thanks to BuzzFeed. New stuff:



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To compliment the Stuff White People Like blog, new sites have now popped up including:

Stuff Nobody Likes

Including things like - Walking into spiderwebs, Mothra, Necco Wafers, and Despotic Little League managers

Other stuff people like sites as well.  


London Calling

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Hi everyone - Here in London for the week meeting lots of people and trying to stay awake from jet lag. The office is very nice here lively and messy just the way I like things. I am being hounded by estate agents trying to pressure me into finding a place to live TODAY because nothing will be available tomorrow. I keep getting lost but its kind of fun.

The weather is cold and sunny so thanks to Megan for letting me borrow scarves, if I didn't have them I would be freezing.

But really - Do I have any volunteers to blog AI tonight?  

I am in 7th grade again

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NKOTB is back and still kind of hot.

Awesome DC weather man

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So there is a guy who does the DC weather on and he is insane and hilarious. You must watch.

So Glad No One Did 9 to 5

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Housecleaning items first -  I would like to the Wenderoff’s for letting me stay at their awesome pad for the week. I have to go to London next week so someone else will have to do the recap. Any takers? Also, I am not writing what Paula says anymore she is insane and her input is meaningless.

Terrible April Fool’s joke from Ryan to start the show.  Stupid joke. Nine great performances in only an hour. Isn’t it great that we are down to an hour. Paula does not look crazy tonight.

Dolly Parton bio – Who knew she had 25 number 1’s.

The cast meet’s Dolly – I am fascinated by her face, it’s like she looks young but the total opposite at the same time.  Awesome silver shiny dress. She seems very nice.

Brooke – Singing Joleen. I am not sure Dolly was really excited about Brooke ruining her song. Brooke looks old. Big fake eyelashes. I think she is doing a rendition that you would hear in a bar it was just OK. F-ing high-waisted pants. Randy did not find it stellar, thought it was alright. Simon thought it was odd and thought it wasn’t one of her best performances.

You will ruin a song from the year you were born

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New week – top 10 they get the big bucks in AI terms. Intoductions randy is fine. Paula looks f-ing crazy and simon looks the same hotness as ever. Theme this week is sing a song from the year you were born. This week is going to make me feel very very old.

Ramiele- 1987 – Alone – Carrie Underwood did this song as well. Ugh formal shorts. Why has that fad not left yet.  It makes her look shorter then she actually is. She is screaming! It is not pretty. Hated it!!! Randy makes excuses about being sick, says that it was pitchy and not good for him. Paula says she is pretty. WTF is paula wearing?@!? Simon thought it was OK, and it was better then last week which was appalling.

TV on the internets

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New ways to watch TV on your computer: - This site is brought to you by Universal and a few others, lots of TV shows old school and new should be getting bigger. - Watch old TV shows online - All southpark episodes. 


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You all know I don't watch commercials, but I find the Fios commercial with Michael Bay is hilarious.

More Awesome.

Another Beatles Week? Why?

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So  I missed the first hour but I thought that I would just do the second hour. So you are going to have to make your decision on the first hour by yourself. Let’s get to it.

Oh they are already doing the “my favorite moment of American Idol so far” vamp piece.

Carly – I like her, but blackbird. I love this song. Don’t mess it up. I have decided that I hate the “mosh pit”. I like her shirt, it has shiny roses around the collar, I think it is cute. Her voice is great, I am not a huge fan of the arrangement though.  Overall I would say a 7 of 10. OOOOO they showed her husband on his tattoo face side. Awesome. Randy loved it.  Paula says she is F for fantastic. Simon thought it was a bad choice he thought it was indulgent. She is really talking back, it’s weird. Simon is now uncomfortable. The judges have just devolved into jibberish.   Um – she got a tattoo of the number 7 on her finger for season 7 of American Idol. Weird, but not all that surprising.  I am almost surprised that she hasn’t gotten a tattoo for each of the songs she has sung.

If you can't wait until Shark Week

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I found a new site today and if you need your fill of sharks head on over to

this site is going in the fav links section if you need to find it later for a break from your day.

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