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Greetings from London

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Hi everyone - Finally made it here lowdown on what has conspired so far:

A high school student, an actress, a bartender. Which one is going back home. Last AI Post.

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This will be my last AI recap for a while. If someone would be good enough to do highlights next week I would be forever grateful. I will do Pop Idol recaps for everyone who can’t watch those.  

Ryan had to shorten his This..Is.. because there are so many things going on this week. 3 songs each! I think Simon does botox. His forehead is sooo smooth. This week the song s are Judges choice, contestant choice, producers choice.

David A – They are in his hometown, onstage. Crazy dad in the background. I loved that his dad got banned from backstage.  And So it goes by Billy Joel. Paula picked the song. He looks so scared every time he is up there. OPEN YOUR EYES!!!! When did this song come out? I don’t think it was on my best of billy joel CDs. 1989 was when the song came out. (thanks google) that was after my Billy Joel phase. Randy thinks he is in it to win it. Paula thinks he was great. Simon said it was predictably good.

When Obama Wins

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Inspired by the Twitter chatter on how the world will be forever changed when Obama wins, Jason Kottke makes a microsite to share that utopian vision.

The first one I got:

When Obama Wins, fortune cookies will really end with "in bed".

What do you get? 

Me Jana Tomorrow night - Dinner

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We are thinking of going to Me Jana on Wilson tomorrow for dinner. At 7. Who else is in?

Link to restaurant. 

If one of you ends up in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, I owe someone 50 bucks

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Ryan is begging you to vote for the top 4. I am pretty sure that ain’t gonna happen. Randy has a shiny shirt on. This week is rock and roll hall of fame songs and I am sure that there are going to be some terrible choices. Did everyone read the article in EW about how they pick songs. It was an interesting article, but they contestants are pathetic. Since brooke and david A are mormons, they didn’t like any ND songs because all his songs are about drinking and women. Lame. Also they talk about how David’s dad is crazy controlling.

David Cook – Hungry like the wolf!!!! Duran Duran I heart them. I feel like he is yelling the song and so it didn’t sound as good as I hoped it would be. LC I am sure you loved the Simon LeBon. Randy thought it was OK. Paula is creepy. Simon thought he didn’t make it his own but good enough for next week.

Sorry I missed your party

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New site that is going in the Fav links.

Sorry I missed your party. The blogger finds random photos on flickr which has made me LOL way too many times in the past 10 minutes so you all must enjoy as well. I have mixed emotions, I kind of want my pictures to make it here, but on the other hand I really really never want my picture to end up on here. Enjoy.

New Feature - Twitter

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I have added my twitter feed to the site. You will now see the lovely pink box that has mine and my followers feeds.

What is twitter?  Basically it is a way to communicate in only 140 character. Short and sweet and fast conversations that you can send from anywhere, phone, IM, the site.

Here is my feed:

The Post article about Twitter

I am permitted to work

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I have now received permission from the UK to work there. Now I just have to get the visa which should only take a week or so. My tenative date for leaving is now the 18th of May.

Few things - Does anyone need a full size bed with frame?

Ikea Chest with 8 Drawers. It is 33'' tall, 63'' wide, 16'' deep 

If you are interested in either of these things, I will be renting a uhaul and can drop them off for you. 

Senator John McCain Believes Instead of Fair Pay, Women Need Training

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Check out the information on

The reason that I avoid shopping at certain stores is because I know that they do not pay equal for men and women and have been sued over that fact. If John McCain thinks that what I or any woman needs is "more training" and that is why I get paid less is insanity.  

Yesterday, the Senate failed to pass the Fair Pay Act, which would allow women to demand equal pay for equal work. Senator McCain (R-AZ), who didn’t even come to vote, said that instead of legislation allowing them to demand equal pay, women simply need “education and training.” Not only is his information wrong — women still are all too often paid less for the same work, even though they have the same education and training — he’s also sending a message to our nation, to our sons and daughters, that this pay gap is okay, and it’s women’s fault for being paid less.

So to send a message to Congress, and specifically Senator McCain, [women are signing] this petition for Fair Pay and sending Senator McCain their resumes — to show that women have plenty of education, what we need is Fair Pay. You should send yours too!

Please don’t sing We’re Coming to America

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When I spent a lovely time at the Wenderoffs and got to listen to Howard Stern in the morning, Howard was bothered by Ryan's "This...Is....AmericanIdol" voice and now I can't stop thinking about how much I hate it too! Big night – Neil Diamond. Awesome. They are going to suck. Each contestant is singing two songs. I would love to see Neil Diamond in concert. Has anyone ever seen him? They are doing the recap of Neil’s songs, I got chills thinking about some of his songs and how much I <heart> them.

Wow has he had work done on that face. He looks years younger then before.  He is smooth. I think it is botox.

Jason Castro – Forever in blue jeans  and September Morn – Of course he doesn’t know any of the songs and sings the wrong song in front of ND. He does a good job with the surfer dude version of FIBJ. It is a little weak, but that is his voice. You know I feel like I am just singing the song in my head about how much I love it and I can’t say that his version blew me away. Randy thought it was OK. Simon said forgettable.

Since no one is talking about it

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Did everyone love lost? Here is a recap if you missed it.


Good Deed for the weekend

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Play the Nothing But Nets game and a child get a mosquito net.

This is a super important and really easy thing. Mosquito born illness is so rampant in many countries including Cambodia. Last summer 24,000 children got Dengue Fever which is mosquito born illness that if you don't get blood transfusions you will die from it. If every child had a net over their bed this could really help bring that number down significantly. Andrew Llyod Webber week!

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This…Is…American Idol. Why can’t Ryan just say it all in one breath and not 17? OOOOOO David Duchvony is in the house! Still hot. Just want to again link to the Larry Sanders Show when he was on. So it is Andrew Lloyd Webber night and since I am a huge musical theatre nerd. I love it! They have a big orchestra which should be interesting. I wonder who is going to do something from Cats! Or Don’t Cry for me Argentina. I love that song/play/movie (I cry every time).

Wow ALW has had a lot of work done. But it must be great to meet him. I am totally going to gush about him. I love so much of his stuff. I don’t think they are going to do very good. ALW said that they need to be able to interpret the words well and I think Jason Castro is not up to that task. I am again not acknowledging Paula.

Newseum Review

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I went to the Newseum yesterday. Here are my thoughts in bullet points:

  • Beautiful massive building but like the American Indian museum, I feel they hide the exhibits behind the building so you don't realize how much there is there. It is all hidden away.
  • The pulitzer prize winning photograph gallery - If you do not cry your heart is made of stone.
  • The 4-D experience had some good parts
  • The Berlin Wall was really cool - One side is all graffiti and the East side is just plain.
  • We only saw 2.5 stories because we got there at 3 and it closes at 5.
  • They have more people working there then coming and it was a little odd.
Overall I thought it was good. Worth the 20 bucks. I would go back again. I wish it was $15.  

Big Day

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If you have any updates. Post them here. Can't wait to meet the little guy.
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