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frohe weihnachten

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runs 1988 xmas specials (alf, the grinch, pacman, facts of life...) on an interface like a crappy tv with rabbit ears. the commercials are pretty funny too.


also, anybuddy up on east bound and down?  hbo pilot from the director from  pineapple express and danny mcbride, who played red.  got the pilot and it's pretty awesome.  washed up relief pitcher has to go back to his hometown and teach p.e.


merry, happy everything everybuddy!



cake farts

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not safe for work

that is all

it's just like the title says

cake farts

my mom's famous

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my mom and her body recall class!


much love from deutsch-a-land 

werewolf bar mitzvah and other news

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above is  alink to some comedy gold that is maybe a few weeks too late.

 in other news, i found a better (and cheaper) apt than the one i was renting from the school here.  it has a balcony overlooking part of the city gardens and it's  still close to school and the shoping district.


it's cold here, been below freezing overnight several times.  had a god time watching nfl at a bar in duesseldorf last night until it got too late for a school nite and i had to read aboot the redskins meltdown online this morning.  the bar is having a thanksgiving spread on thursday.


i hope everybuddy has a nice turkey day.  i'll be home in the 757 for xmas, but i don't think i'll make it up to the district of comedy nor its outlying areas. 

 also, whiskerino is up and running again.  there are like 300+ dudes!  i'm using the alias Rip van Twinkle this go-round.


get psyched

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nagging wrist and elbow injuries may hold team neas back in the canoe race and/or the home run derby, but you mother hubbards better bring your a-game to the pvc!


also, everybody gets a free set of dangle ball slings from me while supplies last.  (limit one set per household) 


cannot wait to get in the sailboat 

dangling balls workshop

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anybuddy want a dangling balls set to call their own?  let me know and i'll make you one.  i can bring it to the lake for you  or drop one off around dc if not.   shipping would be ridiculous.   pvc is heavy.  instructions are free if you want to make yer own.

regular tournament set: two pvc ladders and six bolos = $50

 bolos only: $8

wood sets are on the drawing board.  stay tuned. 

Arsenal check

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ok, as some of you may know, i made a run to phantom ( post lamb roast.


i have:

sparklers (3 gross)

2 low to mid size multi-shots (pyro-glyphics and molotov cocktail)

16 roman candles

1 rocket assortment (free)

6 smiley face rockets (they kind of make a smiley face)

8 asst. wheels

1 hypnotizer fountain


josh has:

two of the biggest multi-shots you can get (guns of navaronne and da bomb)


so, if anybuddy was planning a phantom run in the near future or on the way to roxkin's, the only category we haven't covered yet is mortars. we are set for sparklers and wheels.

other than that, go nuts.


respectfully submitted,

scotty 2 hotty


the ballad of jennie daleyjewski

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Libby gets 30 months and 250k fine

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so now he appeals, right?

moustache may is here!

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john waters film festival 8/10 baltimore

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first 250 people get an odorama card

Gentlemen, start your engines

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