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I might be coming around


This ad is pure genius. Talk about solidifying the base.  Its exactly what a disaffected conservative Bush supporter like me needs to hear from Johnnyboy.

 New McCain Ad: Heroes

Not to steal baby Cherrysinger's thunder...


but i was sent a link i'd like to pass along.

kuster -  its very safe for work. unlike josh, i'm not trying to get you fired. etrade's management of the subprime space is doing fine enough on its own... just kidding of course.


FNL *spoilers*


first, i'll say that i was nervous about the whole muder storyline in FNL but was willing to trust the writers. afterall they faced a similar challenge last year when smash's gf was bipolar and that ended up working out pretty well.

friday night's episode was awesome. the show and story lines have gotten very dark and i like it. even the "Tandry" storyline is getting better. first the way he told her off under the stadium was awesome and next week looks to be better when it starts with her sneaking out of his window. clearly she's going to have major regrets and things are going to get super awkward.

i want to see more of coach taylor though... that was a great scene with him and the cocky college kid. and you know that the head coach meant that comment that he "must have been a helluva high school coach" as a dig. i think how they get coach taylor back to coaching the dillon panthers will be a challenge, because everyone expects it and they teased it in the scenes for next week.

also, i say its only another ep or two before riggins bangs the jesus out of layla.

Impossible is the Opposite of Possible


Be yourself as long as that means you are a successful person.  If being yourself is means that you are a loser, then watching this youtube clip will be a waste of time for you.

Please, just watch already!

i know some of you have always been watching - anj - and some have just started - suarez-  but the rest of you need to go add this show to your netflix queue immediately. It might have been the best new show of last year, but Heroes got more hype.

Coach Taylor and his wife are hands down the best tv parent couple ever. thats right, they trounce the Cohens.

 I can't wait to see how QB1 Matt Sarencen handles the pressure next year. And if you don't believe me, believe the sports guy:

Superbad - Go See It Now!


i can't believe no one has posted on this movie yet. i saw it at a screening last tuesday, and it was wide released this last weekend. its one of the funniest movies i've seen i a long time... potentially funnier then 40 yr old virgin.

 i'm sure everyone knows its produced by apatow and written by seth rogan and even goldberg. it is non stop laughs from beginning to end... much funnier then knocked up.

from the promo's i thought the mclovin stuff would be lame but that kid is hilarious.

i would have thought most of would have seen it just because george michael from arrested development is in it.

what gives?

in a word, unbelievable

seriously, i might have changed my vote for '08

 and to contrast, here's another music video

one's more ruben studdard, the other is more jock jams

In Happier News

I'd like to second Anne Coulter's comments in welcoming France back to western civilization. I for one am very excited. I haven't bought a french bottle of wine for as long as i've been ordering freedom fries.

"All over the civilized world, voters are turning terrorist-coddling liberals out of office and voting for politicians friendly toward Bush, the world's sworn enemy of Islamic fascism."

Dillon Panthers

That was a pretty good finale considering they weren't sure if the show was going to be picked up and that it could have been a series finale. 

 i'm hoping that coach taylor showing up like that, with street running the meeting,  was a welcome back from the players and he won't be going off to TMU.

ok, i'll be the first to say it

i haven't watched the whole show, but the united way parody is hilarious. i have a few favorite parts but don't want to spoil it for people who haven't seen it yet.

obey flips out



the sound isn't great to start with, but stick with it. it's entertaining.

Dice Undisputed

Has anybody been watching this show?

RIP Sheriff Lamb

What a great twist at the end... hands down the best episode of the season.  This season had been missing that.  Mac's roommate is hot. it was good seeing logan move past his sulking phase. 
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